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China U3/F3 Wireless Remote Controller factory

U3/F3 Wireless Remote Controller

Wireless Remote Controller, 2 pieces More
China Freego U3 / F3 Motor factory

Freego U3 / F3 Motor

Power: 1000W motors Including transmission that can be connected directly to the tyres flange More
China U3 Charger factory

U3 Charger

Lead Acid Battery Charger 36V
Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output: DC24V, 1.6A(Max.)
Equal Charging Voltage: 29.5+/-0.2V
Floating Charging Voltage: 27.5+/-0.2VMore
China F3 Charger factory

F3 Charger

Lead Acid Battery Charger 36V
Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output: DC36V, 1.6A(Max.)
Equal Charging Voltage: 44.5+/-0.2V
Floating Charging Voltage: 41.5+/-0.2VMore
China U3/F3 Handlebar Flashlight factory

U3/F3 Handlebar Flashlight

Flashlight is T6 LED,900 Lumens,4-5 hours in Highlight ModeMore
China U3/F3 Handlebar Bag factory

U3/F3 Handlebar Bag

Colorful handlebar bags with various shapes and good quality bring big convenience to your out-travelling on the self-balancing scooterMore
China U3/F3 Handle Bar factory

U3/F3 Handle Bar

Material: Aluminium Alloy
Advantage: Height AdjustableMore
China U3/F3 Stand factory

U3/F3 Stand

Material:Aluminium AlloyMore
China U3 Fender factory

U3 Fender

Material:Special PlasticMore
China U3 Tire factory

U3 Tire

Tire Brand: Kenda
Wheel Hub: Lightweight Alloy Hubs
Type: Tubeless
Standard Pressure: 250 kpa
Wheel diameter: 17 inch/43 cmMore
China F1 Tire factory

F1 Tire

Wheel Hub:Lightweight Alloy Hubs
Size: 17 inch
Type: Tubeless
Standard Pressure: 250 kpa
Wheel diameter:   44CMMore
China F1 Fender factory

F1 Fender

Material:Special PlasticMore
China F1/F2 Reflector lamp factory

F1/F2 Reflector lamp

F1/F2 Reflector lampMore
China F1/F2 Bell factory

F1/F2 Bell

F1/F2 BellMore
China Freego UV-01D Pro /F3 Helmet,Protective Gear factory

Freego UV-01D Pro /F3 Helmet,Protective Gear

Weight: 300g
Color: multicolor optional
Accessories: Color box
Yardage: Free Size (suitable for head circumference 56-62CM, 18CM head width less)
Technology: PC with high-grade and high-density gray colored casing U.S imported) EPS foam fused togetherMore

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