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Hot Mini Adult electric scooter manufacturer stands up in China electric scooterHot Mini Adult electric scooter manufacturer stands up in China electric scooter

Hot Mini Adult electric scooter manufacturer stands up in China electric scooter

  • Expansion Dimensions:93 * 42 * 101 cm
  • Folding Size:93 * 42 * 25 cm
  • Packing size:103 * 21 * 27 cm
  • Max Brother Minimum Height:130 brother 99 cm
  • G. W. Brother per carton net weight 15kg: 10 kg \/7.5 kg
  • Max speed:20 km\/h
  • Charge: 25 km miles
  • Lithium battery capacity:24v 6.6Ah
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Maximum load:100kg.
  • Maximum angle of rise: 15 degrees
  • Tyre:5\ "Inflatable tires
Hot Mini Adult electric scooter manufacturer stands up in China electric scooter
I. Photo of the New Escooter

Two. The characteristics of New Escooter

Folding and portable design 
Anti-slip handle 
Powerful Front wheel motor 
Rugged steel frame structure 
24V 6.6AH Lithium battery 
250W Front wheel Hub motor 
Power and Speed display panel 
Front-wheel disc brakes 
Strong Spring Damping

(iii). Specification New Escooter
Scooter size:93 * 42 * 101 cm
Adjustable Height: non-adjustable
Color: Black, pink, white. Accept bulk orders from customs
Max speed:20 km\/h
Maximum load weight: 100 kg
Driving Range brother charge: 20-25 km (max) of it two-dimensional driver skill, weight and road conditions.
Max Rise Angle:≤10°
Working temperature: \ ' -10℃-40℃
Brake type: Drum brakes (front wheel) rear disc brakes
LCD Screen: Indicates the power brother off, current battery status, current gear, current speed, total mileage (gear, gear down with 3 level selection)
Grade 1 km\/h
Level 2 km\/h
3 level -20 km\/h
LED Light: Yes
Working voltage: AC $literal $number Hz
Battery life: 3-5 years. Rechargeable 1000
Treatment Height: 99 cm
Seat height: No seat on the bus
Wheel Size: 5 inch solid tires, 2 wheels
Expansion Size: 93 cm * 42 cm * 101 cm
Folding Size: 93 cm * 42 cm * 25 cm
Battery type: Rechargeable lithium battery 24V, 6.6Ah (LG cells)
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Motor power:250w, brushless motor. With solid tires
Packing size:103 * 21 * 27 cm
Gross Weight: 10 kg
Net weight of 20kg per carton: 7.5 kg

IV. Packaging
Es 05electric tricycle x 1pc 
110-240v AC power Adapter (charger) x 1pc
 User manual X 1pcs  

V. Shipping:

International trade Terms:EXW delivery method optional

1. For the 100 kg gross weight express which we recommend in the order, it needs to be 3-5 days high with shipping efficiency. 

2. The total weight of the order more than 100 kg, but 300 kg, air  It was suggested  For fast 5-7 days, high efficiency.

The total weight of the order exceeds 300 kg. 
 Sea recommended low Shipping but 20 ~ 30 days at sea.

Six. Our services

1. Customer request or custom specification is acceptable 
2.1% testing and packaging before the test. 
3. Fully charged scooter before delivery 
4. Any inquiries about motorcycles are welcome. Respond quickly. 
5. Fast delivery and transportation status tracking. 

The sample order for the test is acceptable. 
Because we are the manufacturer, we can provide OEM service. 

First-class after-sales service 

1.12-hour brother days 6 days Brother week online service 
2. Professional and technical personnel and engineers services 
3. Free driving or ride instructions 
4. Spare parts and components support 
5. Replacement or repair of the warranty period. 

Seven. Fuli high-tech Co., Ltd

Fuli High-tech Co., Ltd. is a High-tech company research and Development, combined with manufacturing, domestic and international marketing. 


Fuli  Do and just make a self balanced electric scooter. There are 19\ "on the road to the Segway scooter, 21\" off-road big Wheel model and 10\ "small Segway scooter handle \" and 6.5, 8\ "and 10\" mini intelligent self Balanced scooter. 

. West Warranty: 

1. Warranty: The main parts 12 months, 1 years free maintenance.


2. Return policy (within warranty period):

a). Warranty period, decimating High-tech Co., Ltd. will provide free online technical support. 

 b). You must contact us to obtain the return part approval. The buyer must send us to our office, in China, defective parts and the buyer should pay the freight to send it to us. 

 c). Once we receive defective parts, we will be free to replace the parts sent to the customer at our cost. 

 d). After the warranty has expired, the customer shall bear all the cost of the new parts and shipping. 

 e). This Limited warranty component is only available free of charge for maintenance services. 


 We only cover our own parts. If the customer has any modification or installation of unapproved parts in any way, the warranty period is void.

12. FAQ

1. Where can I use the decimating?

 It can be used for leasing, travel and patrolling.
     1 personal travel, entertainment and short Trips
     2. Leasing in tourist attractions, parks and Recreation grounds
     3) Industrial park, factory, greenhouse personal transport


2. How can you do if you don't work?

 Please describe the specific problem and contact us. Our experienced sales team will help you get online 6 days a week 12 hours a day later.

 3. What can others offer customers?


We do and just do electric scooters. We have 19\ "on the road the Big Wheel Segway scooter, 21\" off-road big Wheel model and 10\ "small Segway scooter handle \" and 6.5, 8\ "and 10\" mini intelligent self Balanced scooter.  


We can provide many new customization features for VIP customers to provide intelligent wheel self-balanced flight.

1. Fire resistant cover and battery pack.

2. Wheel Side Logo Customization

3. Metal (chrome) color cover scooter.

4. Arch Bumper LED logo customization

5. Pedal LED Lamp

6. Removable battery design facilitates battery replacement.

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Freego High-tech Corporation

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