Freego High-Tech Corporation Limited

2014 new energy vehicles, electric vehicles (Xi’an) Exhibition

By the China Energy Association & nbsp; China Electric Vehicle Association China Machinery Industry Association of the Fifth International pure electric vehicles, hybrids and New energy vehicles and ancillary facilities Exhibition held in Xi’an native

Global Conference brings together more than 600 hybrid vehicles, pure electric cars, electric buses and other new energy vehicles, drive systems, charging facilities, related parts, automotive design international professional event.

With the global carbon dioxide emissions for the car control, governments are seeking to develop energy-efficient cars and new energy vehicles. Strive to improve the fuel-efficient cars of environmental protection, safety and practicality, the expansion of new energy vehicles industry, the market and the popularity, for in 2020 will reach the current ownership three times.

In the global new energy vehicle development boom driven, with the depth of traditional technology and advanced automotive electronic technology, information technology and the integration of intelligent technology, new energy vehicles will become the high-tech products on behalf of automotive technology research and development and industrial manufacturing high levels of an important symbol. With the “energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2011-2020) is released, the development of new energy automotive industry will be more market-oriented.

The exhibition will be “green technology harmonious future” as its theme, the exhibition covers the new energy industry chain electric vehicles, pure electric cars, electric buses, electric four cars, sightseeing cars, Freego balance of the car and other new energy vehicles, drive system, charging facilities, and other related parts, set exhibition, technical exchanges and trade cooperation, branding all in one, to provide buyers with integrated and comprehensive one-stop sourcing platform for new energy vehicle electric car production suppliers, important international event distributors, resellers and end-users for new energy vehicles in China and the global electric car market to create a unique international business platform!

Our smart technology can navigate Limited Freego this exhibition also shows the number of new products in the future, the balance of the car show a variety of players and attracted many foreign businesses, as the company’s new Smart car constantly thinking balance innovative ideas to balance the electric car with a different concept.


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