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2015 balance of the car next to intelligent hardware outlet?

Current global manufacturing industry is facing a new technological revolution, to things, big data-centric intelligent raid came a wave of positive, so in the past cold machine becomes more intelligent, lightweight and user-friendly technology. Let the transformation of machinery and equipment over the Internet and intelligent control, a process referred to things. The next few years, whether living in most of the electronic equipment appliances, industrial manufacturing equipment or lights, and automobile will have access to the Internet and intelligent management, so things are also recognized as the next one trillion market, more is the next revolution of technological change.
Balanced car sought after by the capital market
Balancing electric vehicle, also known as intelligent balance car, somatosensory car, thinking vehicles. Balancing electric vehicle market is divided into two, one is two-wheel electric counterbalance truck, the other is a single wheel electric car balance. Balanced car with stand-way driving, driving the process relies on the body forward or backward motion control to balance the car forward and backward. As from the beginning with the birth of intelligent control technology for electric car balance, because green, compact and easy to control and management, is considered to be an excellent means of transport for the future of individuals, and it was Steve Jobs as “epoch-making invention” technology products.
The world’s first electric car in the United States balance of Segway (Segway) rounds balanced car, on sale at the beginning had been favored by US President George W. Bush and the American police, Tourism and many other government agencies, however, due to their own devices Performance limitations and up to more than 10,000 US dollars in expensive price, this type of two-wheeled self-balancing vehicle born 13 years ago has been limited to government demonstration applications in the consumer electronics market is almost no improvement.
However, relative to the US balance of the car Segway bulky, ugly design, in recent years, China’s electric car manufacturer introduced a balance is more lightweight, stylish, low-cost two balanced car products, and soon in the tourism, convention, airports and the public sector and other public places to promote the application of them. In particular, more portable, cheap, cool unicycle balancing a launch vehicle market, subject to a number of 80, 90, sought after young people, the entire balance of the car market just two years was detonated quickly.
Balancing electric vehicles in the past two well-known consumer brands in China, that is the industry known as “Easy Step north south Departed” said the Dongguan Science and Technology and Beijing Easy Step Windrunner. The two are the first in China to balance development and manufacturing of electric vehicle technology companies, are also gains a lot of orders in the application of the government’s public sector.
However, with the rapid rise of the last year unicycle balancing Cart quickly open the market in Shenzhen line world music, and got the day Figure B round of venture capital investment of $ 100 million. Shortly before the middle to get together with capital investment of 12 million yuan A round Windrunner Beijing, China electric car industry from the previous balance obscurity quickly detonated the capital market, attracted many entrepreneurs have the influx, some Internet giant and investors also started to target this emerging market.
Among them, there are rumors of millet are stepping up the layout of the balance of the car in the field of smart investment, the recent frequent contact with the south balanced vehicle research and development companies, and the list will include music line world, easy step Technology and many other industry-leading R & D enterprise to balance the car. Internet companies such as millet hardware acceleration layout personal means of transport, the purpose is to further improve their mobile phones, televisions and other intelligent smart home hardware ecosystem, but also because of millet investment intervention, for the balance of the car industry, the fire and added a handful of oil.
Balance of the car had become a hot consumer electronics
Recent popular electric car balance thanks to technological development is not only driving, but also thanks to the launch of the car around the government restriction, the limit line and endure touch policy. Environmental pollution and traffic congestion in the increasingly serious problem today, the development of electric and intelligent transport, promote green travel has become a social consensus, Tesla electric car it is standing on the hot air. Tesla electric car frequently compared to nearly one million of the price, it can only be a short term Tyrant’s plaything, but two or three thousand filled with running around bike and it looks too of migrant workers, therefore, only two thousand yuan about the price of a single round of electric vehicles is very balanced ground gas, but also popular among young people, thus becoming the first means of transport for young people.
Although the future of individual means of transport will include intelligent balancing vehicles, electric scooters, bicycles and other smart intelligent hardware, but from the practical aspects of solving the last five kilometers of the individual means of transport problems seems smart balance of the car with “lightweight, fast, portable” advantages, is expected to become the future of personal transportation after the new car, bike later. Especially with smart phones, wearable devices, such as large-scale development can be intelligent hardware upgrade led to a substantial decline in rapid equilibrium and hardware cost electric car-related technology, Moore’s Law allows the car to balance rapid technological breakthrough product prices more civilians .
Over the past few years with respect to the balance of electric vehicles aimed at the public sector and government sector markets in the past year the electric car is to accelerate the transfer of the balance to the mass consumer market. Public statistics show that in 2013 the balance of domestic electric vehicle production is about 40 million units in 2014 to reach 680,000 units, while 2015 is expected to exceed one million units sold, which will form a huge worth billions of dollars emerging markets. With respect to the 2014 national electric bicycles sold 18 million of the total, more than 100 billion yuan of GDP, nearly a thousand of competitors, the balance of electric vehicles is clearly still in its infancy in the early stages, the number of both the R & D enterprise, or market development space also there is great potential for development, and venture capitalists are fueled.
The rapid development of electric vehicles has benefited from the government to balance the gradual tightening of car limit line, restriction policy, but also face the risk of government regulatory policy. As a new means of transport, especially in the electric car balance balancing unicycle car many people and cars on the road there is a big exercise is still a security risk, the country has been expressly forbidden to balance individual cities exercising car on the road, but in the public places outside of the road no related regulations. As P2P monetary policy risks also exist, as it does not interfere with the explosive growth of the industry, the development of electric vehicles in the main balance is pulling from the market demand, and as a key technology industry upgrading and the introduction of industry standards, power balance Under the protection of the use of car safety will be recognized by the premise of national policy, industry peak will come soon.


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