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Southern netcom appeared with new G3 box 2014 Internet network marketing innovation and development

  • Autor:freego
  • Lassen Sie auf:2014-10-11
  On October 11, 2014, sponsored by the southern netcom group council for the promotion of quality of shenzhen city, shenzhen entrepreneur association, shenzhen electronic commerce association, shenzhen Internet application technology association, shenzhen association for the advancement of network information, network marketing research center in shenzhen, shenzhen development of small and medium-sized enterprises promotion association, shenzhen association of cross-border e-commerce joint support of 2014 China Internet network BBS marketing innovation and development of jinan netcom product news conference held in wuzhou hotel grand hall of an ancient name for China.Shenzhen city quality promotion association, executive vice President of Liu Wantao sea trade, founder of shenzhen cross-border e-commerce association President David lau and southern netcom FeiYong jointly attended the event.
  From 500 companies, about 600 people attended, together for promoting innovation and development of the Internet network marketing;Hundreds of media attention and to report on the present!

    The southern netcom G3 promotion of mobile Internet, cloud G3 box APP arises at the historic moment Implement three screen syncretic function

    At the southern netcom launched a based on the integration of Internet marketing "G3 box" mobile phone APP, the APP is based on the southern netcom before G3 cloud promotion on the basis of the increasing number of applications.Southern netcom FeiYong, general manager, said: we caught up with the Internet era, we continue to meet the mobile Internet era, G3 box to build a finger in the business circle, have real-time control user message procurement information, control of business opportunities, anytime and anywhere easily mobile phone a key marketing advertising, establish a more convenient and quick ecological commercial circle.Using G3 box for three screen one, regardless of the user terminal is a mobile phone or tablet can easily browse the merchants product information, as the new generation Freego of balanced car both future intelligent technology co., LTD. Is the first time the application of new features and netcom cooperation.

Upgrade G3 cloud WEB version 3.0 era of big data

    G3 cloud promotion is the southern netcom independent research and development of the Internet marketing system, after more than seven years system integration platform of website of 1000 Internet resources, to help enterprises to run business on the net, to build brand, receive orders, reason for professional network marketing promotion layout;Since September 2012 has 5 m enterprises users, who are interested at present the national 500 operating system of products.

    G3 cloud cloud main search, news of cloud, the cloud, the cloud unita, G3 micro stand five big functions, such as a big upgrade 2.0 of the original function, strengthen the function of 101 cloud web site, enterprise business information can be in 101 issued by the station synchronization update, cloud news mainly with tencent, netease, sohu, sina and so on four big mainstream media binding, build brands.Especially attention is mobile G3 box function, product manager Ceng Wen conducted a live demonstration, various industry represents the product the function effect of questions.