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Novice seller made recommendations

1. First, think about why you want to sell this product? If it is because of money, I see a lot of profit platform has been below 15%, a lot better than this highly profitable product, if for large quantity, it is indeed a reason, but now sales have been in decline. I will support willing seller brand hard to do, the more the cusp, the more opportunities.

2. The best to use the new account sales, unless you are very sure of getting goods factory and sell the products basically have died account. Large companies are no exception.

3. To make the brand based on quality first, how to choose the factory, you can contact me direct access to information, of course, will not admit that they used plant material can not, but I suggest that you choose, I recommend the board and the motor, and allow the plant to go by this requirement do. The seller said, "the plant that I recommend these bad, they use is good," I advised him, "factory cost considerations take precedence over quality, and now the market is no shortage of customers, the factory after a pit not admit few sellers, especially some time ago in short supply. " Better plant failure rate can be controlled within 5%.

4. Selection as little as possible, I see some balance car sellers can make money, not much their chosen model, but it is the intention of the promotion, sales volume each are good, but also conducive to simple quality control, Repairs

5. The warehouse shipped overseas, many customers is bought as a gift, preferring to spend more to buy. But this product is the embargo by air, sea is preferred, in addition to Europe by land line trains are running again, the strength of the sellers can be considered.

6. by sea, we recommend you to choose a MSDS certification of battery, suppliers have CE certification, Machinery Directive certification, FCC and so on. Another body to paste the manufacturer information, product specifications.

Accessories charger and instructions are easily checked, be sure to select the certified charger, charger poor 25 yuan, 55 yuan good, although a difference of 30, but safe, and compared to the retail price, this cost nothing. Many factories with instructions basically do not understand conditional rewrite the best sellers.

7. The seller can do good profits control over the price of 30%, even if you do not have the characteristics of the product, but you can be shipped from overseas warehouses expensive, compared to a straight delivery seller, save some logistics costs, a Problems also can afford to bear the cost of sale.

8. A good video promotion, YOUTUBE flow of this product is very high, to find someone to do something more fun video will bring you extra traffic.

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