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Electric wheelbarrow is the hottest Christmas gifts this year? Christmas 2014 is not dull

Unicycle electric car is this year’s hottest Christmas gift? Legend of December 25 each year, is the great day of the birth of Jesus Christ, has now become a grand festival. In such a supranational celebrate the day, friends and family will exchange gifts. Beautiful Christmas card, cute plush toys, warm clothing, precious jewelry, etc., etc., can be used as a gift to express mind. In addition to these, there is nothing new special Christmas gift this year, you can send it? The answer is unicycle electric vehicles.

Unicycle electric cars as a recently very fashionable personal transportation, with breathtaking ride perception. If someone riding a unicycle electric car to go out, from afar, only to find that the rider is suspended above the ground before using gesture lines seen. As you can see, the electric car is a unicycle rider’s body in order to control the means of means of transport. Used to see the steering wheel, brakes, throttle and other one is no shortage of cars and other vehicles, all of a sudden to a station can “convey to the travel needs of the body center of gravity” of the single wheel electric vehicles, can be said to be extremely fresh.

Unicycle electric vehicles has been able to bring people feel so fresh ride, mainly because it’s the principle. Unicycle electric vehicles using spacecraft attitude, fuzzy algorithm, such as the principle of gyroscope system research and development, the car built-in precision gyro system can accurately determine the person’s physical condition, and a timely response, drive motor to move forward, backward, speed, deceleration movements.

Can be used as a Christmas gift unicycle electric vehicles, in addition to fresh, there are many special. “Green” is its most important feature in the electric car is still struggling to price and package when unicycle electric cars have been successfully achieved entirely with electric drive, and the charge is very convenient. Earth people know, with respect to energy consumption and high pollution, high energy of gasoline and diesel, the energy is clean and pollution-free energy does not produce any emissions, air pollution does not form. For the quality of life in poor urban people, the unicycle emergence of electric vehicles, is undoubtedly a boon.

Fresh, especially unicycle give people the impression of electric vehicles. For now, those who do not like slasher electric cars, car batteries, bicycles and other large coverage in the world. Now people use electric vehicles unicycle, just to stay in the number of stages is not much. So, if it is sent as a Christmas gift, there will be an “odd” intended effect.

Every year over Christmas, Christmas gifts are collected every year, this year it is not the same collection points! A, a deep sense of technology environmentally friendly personal means of transport, so that 2014 Christmas is not dull!


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