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Hello the world, the transportation revolution was coming!
With half a year’s effort, Freego have now completed.
The software and hardware design, the demo is ready to work after testing.

4 points for a scooter to be suitable for rental and sharing.

Durability and Reliability
The best scooters are made with tough aluminum alloys and steel.
All parts, motor, battery, controller, brake etc., must be of good quality and lovely build.
To make sure the scooter can work well all day long, seven days a week consistently.

Configuration and Performance
Riding range and rider’s feelings are the two most curial points.
These are all decided by motor, battery, wheels and rider’s weight.
We recommend a configuration 48V, 500W, 10.4Ah, along with 8.5inch or 10inch tire,
Of weight support 100 to 120KGS, which can go 40km range at least.

Reasonable and Affordable Price
The cost should be around 250-500USD, with optional function such as,
LED indicator, Bluetooth speaker, USB charging pot, GPS tracker etc.
Not suggest the cheap ones, because the quality is not good, easy damaged and troublesome. 

After sales Support
E-scooter is not a TOY, it is a vehicle, thus after sales maintenance is crucial.
Benefit and enjoyment are not simply decided by how cheap you pay for it.
It depends on how reliable it is and how less troubles it brings afterward.

Secondly, 4 m
odels for rental business

Thirdly, Software introduction and basic Requirements

Fourthly, Payment Terms
1. Confirm the order with all requirements for software and hardware and then sign a sales contract.

2. After we Freego received 30% of total payment, we need 30 days,
To prepare frame, motors and other materials for mass production.
Then to ship a pre-production sample for your testing with APP for demonstration.
After the test, you will need to pay 50% to enable us to start production.

3. When production completed, you are welcomed to do inspection in our factory.
Meantime, the rest of the payment should be paid before shipping.
We will wait one week to get full-paid after production is done.
Failure to comply will terminate the contract and the already paid money will NOT be refunded.
We will view it as you decided to abandon this order and we have the right to re-sell it to pay our lose.

Questions & Answers

Q1. Is it possible to buy a sample to test?
You can buy a sample to test but it has no APP.
If you want to test it with APP, you need to pay USD3, 000 deposit.
It will be deducted after you order 200 scooters later.
You do not have to worry about the quality of scooters.
Because we are professional manufacturer of scooters and experienced exporters.
China is the capital of bike sharing, car sharing, power bank sharing are everywhere.
We know scooters and we know scooter sharing and renting business.

Q2. What do we need if we want to do scooter sharing/rental business?
There are some requirements if you want to do sharing/rental business.
A. You need to consult with local government to get their permit.
The permit to allow your scooters can drive on the road and agree you can do this rental business.
B. You need to prepare a lot of money to buy scooters and pay the software & service.
If one scooter is rented 2 times a day, you need 10 scooters in one location.
You can find 30 locations in your city, so you need 300 scooters at least.
Plus, software cost, you may prepare USD200, 000 for this business.
C. You need to find investor to enable this business can come true.
D. You also need hire workers, like 2 engineers, call center and managers who can help.

Q3. How much profit can we make from this business?
Rental business is very good profit business. It can make more money than selling.
A. Suppose one scooter can rent 4 times a day and each time 5km distance.
You can charge 10USD per ride (30mins/5km), then each scooter will gain 4 x 10=40USD a day.
B. You can ask them to deposit USD100 after register,
The more users you have the more money you will gain.

Q4. How to charge the E-scooter for sharing? Who will charge?
You can set up fixed location for return and each location is equipped with charging port. 
When returned, the scooter must be connected with charger.
Otherwise, the rental will not stop and still calculate the cost.
Thus, users will be forced to charge it for you.

Q5. How to protect the scooter from being stolen?
We have GPS Tracking system and each scooter is built-in a GPS tracking device,
That is powered by separate battery inside the scooter.
Once the scooter is lost, the tracking platform can show its location and you can find it back.

Q6. Why the scooter is so expensive?
We are not selling you a scooter, we are helping you make money from this business.
We make scooters and also help you set up your own platform.
Once you have it, you will be a service provider, like Telecom Company, everyone pays you to use the service.
In China, you can find many factories who sell cheap scooters but they will not help you when you need assistance.
Cheap product, cheap service, low quality for sure. No one work for free. Good product is NEVER cheap.

Q7. Can you make the scooter cheaper and affordable?
We can, if the scooter uses low-cost battery, motors, no GPS Tracker, no Bluetooth, no APP, of course it will be CHEAP.
Low cost means low performance and you need to charge all the time.
Once the scooter is damaged you need to repair by yourself.
You save money today, you will spend more money tomorrow.
Finding a reliable supplier from China is the key to success.

Freego is a reliable manufacturer with good reputation and quality, which you can be assured to cooperate with.
Welcome you to share your ideas and queries with us anytime.

Thanks for your time.
Elsa Zhou Sales Supervisor
Freego High-Tech Co. Ltd.        
Mobile/WhatsApp/WeChat: +86 186-7552-3296
E-mail: [email protected]

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