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Proper use of electric vehicle batteries balance

Recently, on the Chinese electric balance shilly car caught fire and exploded in the foreign press about raged in the circle, and the culprit is the bad battery explosion, balancing electric vehicle battery safety issues once again become the focus. For the majority of consumers, how proper and safe use of the battery has become a required course.

Do not replace the charger Tips1

Balance each electric car charger manufacturers generally have individual needs, in the absence of certainty, when not arbitrarily replace the charger. If you continue the mileage requirements are relatively long, it must be equipped for remote charging more than the charger, the charger during the day and use additional supplement, and evening use first wife charger. Remove the speed controller, although you can increase the speed of some cars, but in addition will reduce the safety car outside will reduce battery life.

Tips2 protect Chargers

Instructions have described above with respect to the protection of the charger, but many users do not see the customary specification, often out of the question to find the instructions later remembered, this is very undesirable. Some businesses in order to reduce costs, with the charger is not designed to do high resistance to vibration, such charger through after vibration, the internal potentiometer will drift, making the parameter drift, resulting in abnormal state of charge. I usually do not recommend charger in the trunk of electric bicycles and car basket. Must when you want to move, but also make the charger packed with foam under special circumstances, to prevent vibration bumps. In addition, the charge to keep the charger ventilation, otherwise not only affect the life of the charger, thermal drift may also occur which affects the state of charge of the battery damage. So, we usually have to do the main charger protection.

Tips3 are daily charge

Even if your capacity requirements continued line is not long, one charge can be used 2-3 days, but it is recommended that you charge every day, so make the battery in the light cycle state, extend battery life.

Tips4 timely charge

After balancing electric vehicle battery discharge began curing process, in 12 hours started, there is a clear cure. Promptly charged, you can clear sulfide is not serious, if not promptly charged, these sulfide crystals will gradually accumulate to form coarse crystals, the average of these coarse crystals charger is powerless, it will gradually decline in battery capacity and shorten the battery life. So, in addition to charging every day outside, but also note that to use as soon as possible after charging is over, as far as possible so that the battery is in full status.

Tips5 periodic deep discharge

A deep discharge battery regularly is also conducive to "activate" battery, you can slightly enhance the capacity of the battery. The general approach is to periodically conduct a fully discharged battery. The method is fully discharged flat road surface under normal load conditions to ride to the first undervoltage protection. After the completion of fully discharged, the battery is fully charged, the battery capacity has improved feel.

Tips6 develop a good habit of saving

Use glide as far as possible. As at the time of the upcoming encounter traffic lights into the taxi in advance, to minimize braking. A friend told me that he would rather turn a Bay also reduce much once the brakes, it makes sense to start, it is best to join riding help, not only can improve the startup speed, but also can reduce the loss of battery charge and life damage.

Tips7 attention to the environmental charge

Charging optimal ambient temperature is 25 ℃. Most chargers are not adapted to the ambient temperature of the automatic control system, so most chargers are designed in accordance with the ambient temperature of 25 ℃, so the charge at 25 ℃ better. Otherwise, the winter and summer due to charge overcharge problem is inevitable. Fortunately, when most families now have the conditions of the indoor thermostat, charge, the best arrangements for the battery and charger in ventilated and temperature controlled environment. Special note is the battery in the northern winter into a warm room from outside, when the low temperature, surface of the battery will appear frost condensation. To avoid battery drain caused by frost condensation, should the battery temperature rises to close to room temperature and dried again after charging.

Tips8 full use of the maintenance condition

Regular electric car manufacturers are balanced exchange offer battery maintenance and repair services, should take advantage of these services. freego balanced car manufacturers that: provisions do not give up the equivalent of battery maintenance warranty period time, which is businesses and consumers are not willing to see. Regular maintenance of batteries can reduce the damage to the battery. The battery state of charge of the repair can alleviate the "battery backward" failure. For water loss, in 70% of the battery capacity when the water would be better than 40% of the battery capacity when the water effect. Thus, battery maintenance is very important, consumers should make full use of the favorable conditions extended to increase battery life.