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Navigate Freego company organized in 2015 for outstanding employees of Korea 4 days tour

  To compliment the excellent staff, stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff, in April 2016, navigate Free

go outstanding company organized staff of six, went to Jeju Island, Korea for a period of four days of leisure and tourism resort

Let employees get close to nature and enjoy the holidays while physical and mental training, spent a relaxing and beauty

Good time.
  At the same time, subtly through various activities to promote corporate culture, enhance employee sense of belonging,The company also enhanced feelings between colleagues, more truly feel the company of the staff care 
And love. 

 Navigate technology companies since its inception, paid great attention to corporate culture, continuous improvement in its possessionLi the same time, and always adhere to the "people-oriented" concept, organized a variety of human activity. The travel,Companies and travel agencies fully communicated, well-designed, fun and fulfilling colorful trip. 
The journey often interspersed with major theme parks and a number of creative activities, employees enjoy the 

In just a few days, technology companies navigate the excellent staff who both embrace the beach, but also fully enjoyBlue sky, white clouds, blue sea silver sand to bring pleasure, but also browse the Halla Mountain Park and the rich styleSeopjikoji, museums, Dae Jang Geum Folk Village, fully appreciate the different styles of architecture bring beauty Enjoy, also visited the Seongsan Sunrise Peak, watch a sunrise coast. Fortunately, a few days of vacationFu time, to further promote communication and exchange between employees, allowing employees more mutuality, FriendsGood care. 

 Working together, happy, Freego has been implementing the concept of culture. In the company's view, "Tourism is also productive, "Therefore, every year the company will stage excellent organizational staff travel, so that membersWorkers in tight spare happy travel, relax, strive to further enhance employeeA sense of belonging, enhance employee team spirit and cohesion, for the company's development and well-being of their own careerMake unremitting efforts. 

  The company is committed to "the company is everyone's company, it is his own boss," the famous brand of car balance. mostIt is important to learn the Korean people's attitude to life, to be contented, happy life! Thanks to our company The opportunity Korea trip. Here again share some pictures Korea trip