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Balanced car generation of words - green travel, fashion trends

  • Autore:Freego
  • Rilasciare il:2014-09-28
Balance of electric car's biggest characteristics is that it can realize automatic balance, the user through the body leaning back could easily control the car operation, truly one car.
     Balance of electric cars using lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, charge should be about 3-6, hours, driving a top speed of 13 km/h, 30 km range."Such as going to a lake taihu outing, walking too arduous, electric balance cycling, fashion and convenient."Small electric balance about 15 kg weight of the car, very convenient when going out in the car trunk.Freego free line, balanced car is now not only a personal transport, and has evolved into a kind of fashion, a kind of green travel trends.

How to balance test car is good.

1: balanceThis is the most basic performance, balanced car like articles began to say, it is to get rid of inertia balance system is used to achieve its unique driving experience.So balance is the most basic performance evaluation objects.

    the product will be dispatched to the automatic mode or power mode (can't get into this model of product will be don't discuss), near the equilibrium point start, this time balanced car will enter a state of self-balancing.Observe balanced car can maintain basic motionless in automatic balance mode.If balance to stand still, keep forward or backward movement, its balance performance is bad, in everyone's choice can be ignored.If we can keep still look at the following test.

The second:
     in manned mode, step on balance of the car, try to keep in situ fixed (this could take a master).If there is a before and after shaking feeling balanced car step panel.(people's ankle is very sensitive, if the balance is not good, can obviously feel the before and after the adjustment of the equilibrium position.)A good balance system, and its sensitivity is very high, higher than that of people's perception, this time will be the most comfortable, when a balance system sensitivity is lower than the sensitivity of perception, the balance of car use is the human ankle will be more and more 
tired, less secure.

    in manned mode, uphill or downhill, if can more easily, standing still and balanced car without any sound.