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How to determine the appearance and matching electric car charger balance the pros and cons

Battery and charger performance can be said to complement each other. It's like a lot of sense electric counterbalance truck body corporate launch ultra long-term durability of the battery, but also on the charger for publicity, as in the case of only two matches in order to meet the requirements of long electricity. So consumers in the purchase of a new charger, be sure to consider their own safety when the voltage and the number of electric vehicle batteries balance. Below small one briefing will buy electric car charger balance needs attention.

First, the appearance

    Choose a good first look at the appearance of the charger, shell solid, thick power cord, plug part especially thick appropriate.

    Second, look at the charger has no relevant quality certification, such as 3C certification, Bureau of Quality Supervision and Testing of qualified number.

    Look charger manufacturer's name, contact information, date, etc. Is there logo.

    If the above conditions are met, then the charger can buy basically, the following must be carefully monitored matches their own electric car balance.

    Two, three matches to see if the charger with balancing electric vehicle

    1. Determine the equilibrium electric vehicle battery voltage V and battery capacity Ah, or the original charger output voltage and output current.

    2. Look at the battery type, installed lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries mounted electric car balance, even if the other voltage, capacity, the same parameters, we can not choose the same charger, lithium batteries have a dedicated charger.

    3. Determine the appropriate balance of electric car charger interface shape positive and negative. The more common on the market there are four kinds of interface, T-type product prefix, three vertical product prefix, the cross product prefix round.

    These are just simple to buy electric car charger balance method, if you want to buy properties consumers better charger, depends on whether it has a high temperature, no leakage, microcontroller digital control, positive and negative pulse charging function restoration, automatic temperature compensation function, balance charging function, no output protection and other functions, in addition to charging mode also detects the level of performance on the one hand charger, generally better than plus or minus three-mode pulse mode. ,

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