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Inventory balance smart electric vehicle battery five new trends in technology

OFweek Electronic Engineering News: If there is a future for the electric car company completed the subversion, then it's innovation is likely to come from the core components - battery, lithium batteries are currently widely used, its technology in 10 years has been stagnant ago. If an electric car can be fully charged three minutes can take you rush for hundreds of kilometers, and that it will rewrite the history of transportation.

Future electric vehicle industry, new technology, one of the conditions is the car prices and good service aspect of the market will not be eliminated! Electric car is only a technical balance tends to be more intelligent, humane, easy and convenient. After querying large amounts of foreign materials, combined with the current industry leading technical senior staff, as one of the core balance of the car: Lithium will present five major trends.

Lithium-ion battery prices fall 2/3

Pure electric cars are expensive. The average American family does not buy the Assembly Tesla, BYD pure electric vehicles E6, not ordinary Chinese families afford. Important reason is the battery cost is very expensive too.

A few years ago, driven by the country's new energy industrial policy, the country set off a frenzy of manufacturing lithium batteries. Lithium batteries and pack assembly was to give more than 400 companies (including new energy automotive lithium battery) which involved electric vehicles with lithium battery company once had as many as 200-300. However, the manufacture of new energy behind the vigorous heat, the core material such as plastic film membrane cathode materials, electrolyte and flexible batteries used heavily dependent on imports, resulting in high manufacturing cost price of lithium batteries, lithium same capacity battery, the price is three times more than lead-acid batteries, lead marketing difficult.

Nearly four years, through the efforts of domestic enterprises lithium battery materials, lithium battery core manufacturing technology has now made a major breakthrough in lithium batteries for electric vehicles, all of the core material substantially achieve the localization rate. At present, the lithium battery includes a charger including 48v11Ah (using 18650 cylindrical steel, each tablet batteries for the 2200mA, 65 颗 batteries series-parallel) to the group, the price of less than 500 yuan, compared with lead-acid batteries, has price advantage. This price is the lithium battery market just pushed around 1/3. Thus, lithium batteries and gradually replace lead-acid battery is not empty talk.

The most expensive lithium batteries - lithium batteries Graphene

Graphene is known the world's thinnest, most hard nano-materials, with low resistivity, fast electron mobility characteristics. Graphene battery, is the use of lithium ions between graphene surface and the electrode characteristics of rapid movement of large number of shuttle developed a new type of battery.

The first polymeric material graphene battery in the world by the Spanish Graphenano company and Cordoba University cooperative research and development, which Graphenano company is also an industrial-scale production of graphene, the world's first company. Current common ternary lithium battery energy density in 180-200mAh / g, and the energy density of the battery of graphene polymeric material can be more than 600mAh / g. That is, if the P85 Tesla battery replaced graphene battery of the same weight, its life mileage will reach about 1500km, is 3 times the original.

In addition to high energy density, graphene battery charging speed is much faster than lithium batteries, can effectively solve the problem of long charging time. Its life expectancy is long, you can reach two times lithium batteries.

In addition, according Graphenano company said graphene battery superior performance, but the cost is not high, but 77% lower than the lithium batteries. Using graphene battery will be able to effectively reduce the cost of electric vehicles, and thus enhance the market competitiveness.

Wireless charging technology broad market

With traditional charging station, charging pile compared to wireless charging has the following characteristics: charging facility layout flexibility. Simply transform the existing parking lot, street parking, electric vehicles will be able to charge even put the transmitter buried under part of the road, then the electric car can travel edges in these sections, while charging, will not take up too multi-city space; user easier to use. Without plug-in cable to achieve high-speed wireless charging, not only eliminates the traditional parking charge pile wiring required and waiting times, and there have been charging lane, it is extending from a static to a dynamic wireless charging wireless charging, greatly reducing the user charging a fixed position time and improve the electric car usage. Moment such as electric Formula One World Championship FormulaE track on both sides of the receiving plate can gallop in the electric car and had to charge; the charging process is relatively safe. Wireless charging no sparks and electric shock hazard, no dust and exposure to loss, can adapt to a variety of harsh environments and weather.

It is reported that there are now many companies are beginning to study electric vehicle wireless charging technology. As of January this year, ZTE and National Grid announced the formation of a joint venture in Chengdu, providing wireless charging services for electric vehicles, after ZTE and Dongfeng Motor construction of China's first public demonstration of wireless charging line.