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2015 cross-border providers of electricity annually balanced car, wheelbarrow

   Statistics show that as of October this year, the domestic shilly-car export volume has more than ten million units sold in foreign countries increased by more than 200 percent, is likely to become this year's hottest Christmas gifts. The first category: Shared change the car's economy. Now both the limousine service or ride ride widely sought after, such projects as a shared positive typical representative, so that the community take advantage of unused or inadequate vehicle to maximize the role, in the tide of mobile Internet, mobile phones and other terminals via make such vehicle sharing become very easy, resulting in a wave of development around the vehicle "shared" economic pattern. The second category: personal transportation, diversified outdoor life hard hit hot. Around solving hard hit boom "personal transport" and the outdoor life in the title produced, focusing on solving urban travel and outdoor quality of life issues. Such products have been covered by two large directions, namely: (1) Intelligent bike, intelligent assisted bicycles, smart electric bike category; (2) a wheelbarrow, wheeled vehicles, scooters, represented by autologous balanced car category; This second-class products appear to let people out of the four-wheel vehicles, public transport, while able to get more comfortable, fun, cool, stylish personal travel experience, and we believe that this type of venture will be endless, the ascendant. From the high-speed rail, subway, and then environmental Tesla electric car, smart bike, assisted bicycle, fun car balance, unicycle, and Uber car, drops a taxi, pp rental and so on. Chinese people travel mode is changed at an unprecedented rate, whether it is shared economic model under the Internet, or personal travel, hard hit boom outdoor life, is on our travel and outdoor life engaged in a subversive, each consumer at any time feel the wind of change anywhere in this stock. Embrace change, green travel is our only choice. Current situation: balance the uneven quality car within the line I believe that friends, sellers, manufacturers, logistics and freight forwarding, certainly have heard a lot of shilly-car incident on the explosion. Incomplete shilly-car failure rate in the 5-8% range, has a very high failure rate of. Especially to do foreign trade and retail businesses will feel particularly difficult, starting in October last year, foreign sales shilly-car platform, the platform was only shilly car we sell, until June this year, the average profit can be maintained at 100% ~ 150% , service casually do, the car can be a problem even send one. But now, ranking survey, the trade platform has more than thousands of sellers in the sale of the product, and some businesses may profit less than 10%, reduce the quality of price competition, sales volume is up, but very dangerous, especially electric vehicles failure rate than other electronic products is much higher, and the processing costs are very high foreign sale, a car malfunction may lose 10 car profit. Really make money operating cabbage white fen heart. At the same time I also received a lot of retail sellers complain counterparts. 

     Shilly-car event this popular product abroad again, "Made in China" onto the cusp, more than half of all foreign reviews for China Cottage China manufacturing deepened foreign consumers of Chinese-made bad impression again. In the hope that the domestic price war like the vicious competition with low-quality manufacturers, merchants, you can find out as soon as their competitive advantage, build their own brands, the firm's own position, forming a sound development of the market, no brand no quality, commercial the road will become increasingly narrow. At the same time we hope that the relevant policies as soon as possible, standards balance the car industry. First, on payment: simple sort: wheelbarrow users use Paypal payment should pay attention to what things?
     The industry really is one of the more popular industry, if the account performance was good, afraid to put the margin receivables surged result, we recommend registering before contact consultant. Well balanced car will use Papyal potential risk which risk? (1) it is not allowed by the recent four major express delivery product with a built-in lithium logistics problems caused by, or customers can build overseas warehouse way to solve logistical problems. (2) Customers can consult a few freight more information. On the other hand there may be rapid development has brought a series of supply logistics and after-sales issues. Paypal consultants advise clients to do the following: (1) Before doing promotion, good product availability estimates, to avoid not get the goods caused by increased volume of complaints; (2) Select suitable ways of logistics, especially coming season; check for product quality control. (3) In particular, the new listing, if it is strong operational products, the best comes with the corresponding video information; (4) training good and experienced customer service staff, available for the first time occurred notify the buyer of logistics, good sales service program, to avoid large-scale generating complaints; (5) If SCOOTER sold to the British sellers, on the logistics aspects of the solution can come about contact me at, there is a customer that they have British logistics solutions, if a customer needs, we can recommend. 
    Second, with regard to the cost of a shilly-car according to the current (November 2015) on the market price prevailing view, classic wholesale price between 800 to 950, according to different motors, battery parameters. Many sellers see tremendous opportunity, have shelves, especially in some big sellers, because account regressed, so the product has just added to the single hundred Taiwan is a mere trifle, what many sellers tore at, leading manufacturer of goods in short supply.
    Now, with the passage of time, more and more cargo volume, resulting in a whole shilly car logistics industry, the rise of foreign trade channels, various channels have mushroomed, prices vary, aging varies. Here to remind the majority of sellers, not only see high profits, you know, more and more sellers to participate, will lead to increased purchase costs, lower prices, and ultimately that profits are being compressed. It estimated the outbreak of this product will be so for months, and finally the market must have been made rotten, the last fight the power and technology, some of the big sellers overseas warehouse, a dedicated after-sales process, the single is also more losses from ! As more low-profit, in order to reduce costs, some big sellers will choose relatively low cost of maritime transport to overseas positions. Due to relatively heavy and shilly-car, belonging to technology-based products, if quality problems after sent abroad, the goods can not be returned overhaul (refunded too high), then the face is losses, therefore, suggest that you do not blindly follow suit and act prudently. Third, according to statistics on the failure rate than peers, shilly-car universal failure rate is between 5% to 8%. If you ask the manufacturers failure rate, most of them will be like gorilla heart tell you as quick photo quality of our products is the cow, failure at about 1 percent, after some brainwashing you will feel confident luminous eyes seemed to see the future, from the CEO to marry their fortunes when the white Formica toward life peak day is not far?
    After in-depth understanding, you will find a lot of water this data, including the number of failures from the assembly before they finished packing detected directly obtained; in addition you have to know a lot of manufacturers are orders, and shipments are by come out of the cabinet, which shows the face of the customer is actually their buyers wholesalers, rather than end customers, wholesalers in each vehicle before the sale is impossible to detect, and most cars are to the hands of customers Play a very short period of time before the fault appeared. Especially in internet sales for sellers, usually within 60 days of customers for your product can open complaints disputes, that you at least have to ensure that your car to customers in hand 60 days no problem. Not to mention the car after long-distance transport, profiteering delivery to the end customer hands failures resulting data is certainly not the same.
So the most convincing of course faulty data derived from the seller directly to end customers come. Well, I tell you that 5% to 8%, or even higher. Of course, do not rule out quality control in place of the big brand manufacturers of high-quality, straightforward fault can be controlled at about 1%. But you see what you are selling a car, is not with the current market shilly-car are a kind? As you can see it is not the same as South Korea MM beauty? Fourth, the proposal for the novice
   To solve the above problems, combined with the daily communication with customers, and give you some advice novice sellers: 1. First think about why you want to sell this product? If it is because of money, I see a lot of profit platform has been below 15%, a lot better than this highly profitable product, if for large quantity, it is indeed a reason, but now sales have been in decline. I will support willing seller brand hard to do, the more the cusp, the more opportunities. 2. The best to use the new account sales, unless you are very sure of getting goods factory and sell the products basically have died account. Large companies are no exception. 3. To make the brand based on quality first, how to choose the factory, you can contact me direct access to information, of course, will not admit that they used plant material can not, but I suggest that you choose, I recommend the board and the motor, and allow the plant to go by this requirement do.
The seller said, "the plant that I recommend these bad, they use is good," I advised him, "factory cost considerations take precedence over quality, and now the market is no shortage of customers, the factory after a pit not admit few sellers, especially some time ago in short supply. " Better plant failure rate can be controlled within 5%. 4. Selection as little as possible, I see some balance car sellers can make money, not much their chosen model, but it is the intention of the promotion, sales volume each are good, but also help to control the quality and after-sales maintenance simple 5 Overseas warehouse delivery, many customers is bought as a gift, preferring to spend more to buy. But this product is the embargo by air, sea is preferred, in addition to Europe by land line trains are running again, the strength of the sellers can be considered. 6. by sea, we recommend you to choose a MSDS certification of battery, suppliers have CE certification, Machinery Directive certification, FCC and so on. Another body to paste the manufacturer information, product specifications. Accessories charger and instructions are easily checked, be sure to select the certified charger, charger poor 25 yuan, 55 yuan good, although a difference of 30, but safe, and compared to the retail price, this cost nothing. Many factories with instructions basically do not understand conditional rewrite the best sellers. 7. The seller can do good profits control over the price of 30%, even if you do not have the characteristics of the product, but you can be shipped from overseas warehouses expensive, compared to a straight delivery seller, save some logistics costs, a Problems also can afford to bear the cost of sale. 8. A good video promotion, YOUTUBE flow of this product is very high, to find someone to do something more fun video will bring you extra traffic.
    Finally, we look at the balance of the car explosion, I roughly calculate its cost is actually more than a high-quality balanced car will not differ more than 150 yuan, 30 yuan difference charger, battery poor 50 yuan, motherboard, motors difference of less than 50 yuan, the plant is 150 yuan on behalf of the competitiveness, but for retailers, 150 yuan but let us worry, but also to win the high-good reputation for Chinese products. Of course, most consumers tend to expect to buy the cheapest, but expect the highest quality, but the bombings, perhaps to those who are willing to invest the seller a chance to really make this product, because many buyers already know that low price is low Representative quality. Five electric unicycle, balancing vehicle export operation requires electric unicycle, balancing the car to enter the Chinese market in recent years, as the short-distance transport, now more and more people are familiar with and accept. Because electric unicycle with a battery, motor and Bluetooth, leading to a lot of questions, a lot of customers on the export declaration, such declaration and clearance requirements? What need certification? ..... So, electric unicycle, balancing the car can be exported by air it? Note the following special requirements :( a), customs and clearance have any special requirements? Electric unicycle, balancing the entire car can not export, disassembled into parts need to be divided into a plurality name when declaration. Customs and customs clearance of goods are detailed information required, the export declaration see you pay export or export documents yourself. (B), what certification? The battery needs MSDS certification and cargo identification book, Bluetooth products require authorization and FCC certified Bluetooth studio. US requirements more stringent, the need to do one. Otherwise customers can not clearance. (Iii), the packaging have any special requirements? 1. Each battery with insulating bags or boxes for packaging;
2. The front or back of each cell contains a battery brand model performance parameters and dangerous prompt label;

3. Each small package up to install two batteries (each cell is packed off through insulation) and gross weight must not exceed 2.5KG 4. Each small package you want to paste the danger mark and the consignor or consignee prompt Company Name Address Phone contact ;
5. Each large box gross weight not more than ten kilograms, to be posted outside the box labeled dangerous and the consignor or consignee Company Name Address Phone contact; 6. Motor needs to be done to identify DGM (magnetic detector), then a shielded package. The main battery and motor package would be more complicated, other parts by regular international air transport packaging standards can be! -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------ These are some conclusions about the balance of the car, foreign trade risk, speculative to be cautious. I hope that through this article to make modest force to give us some help, but also hope that the car can be balanced by a place in the future of intelligent transportation field, to provide mankind with a new travel plan.

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