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Do not understand the battery? What are balanced car that also play!

  As the saying goes, the balance of the car ran away, thanks to the battery supply! To no electricity, it can not play the balance of the car. Battery is to determine a balance of the car sustained a fundamental factor. Many car manufacturers in the balance describing their cars with mileage balance is very confident, moving the 20 km endurance, and even be able to walk 60 km mark. Just Dodo toes think intention, which if continuously able to walk 60 kilometers, that much large battery ah?

From the current balance of the car battery usage market, the vast majority use a 18650 lithium batteries, polymer batteries rarely helpful. But basically these two categories, we first Laijiangjiang 18650.
What is 18650? 18650 is the model of a lithium battery, this battery has a diameter of 18mm, a length of 65mm, a cylinder-type. Our most on the use of laptop battery is 18650.

(The famous Big Red) when the Sony Corporation in order to save costs, fiddle out of this dimension. But because the 18650 lithium stable, high-capacity, no memory, environmental protection and other features, and gradually the nickel-metal hydride battery or something out of the digital world it! Who, Tesla Motors is using Panasonic 18650 battery.
Focus here, we often say that 18650 there are two, one is lithium cobalt oxide, lithium iron phosphate and the other is, of course, what now, what manganese metal. We do not care about these details. Because each company's standards are not the same, not the same material. Resulted in the capacity of lithium batteries have some difference.
As a larger proportion of the industry's few, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony is the highest capacity to do 18650 3400 mAh. Most are between the capacity of 2200 mAh to 3000 mAh.

(Tesla official said that the use of 8142 18650)
And consider the use of time as well as another 18650 standard, that is the minimum discharge voltage. For example, a 18650 nominal voltage of 3.7V, and the maximum charge voltage of 4.2V, the minimum discharge voltage is typically 2.75V. This means that, when the battery charging time, maximum charge to 4.2V on the full, then we should get at a charge. Discharge the battery to 2.75V no electricity friends. Why do I say this? We take a look at the balance of the car battery. Generally, we can not use the balance of a car battery, any use by a number 18650 is a battery of several parallel several series together into a battery pack, general formal monogram battery manufacturers have much V.
For example, a three strings and two 18650 batteries, namely batteries divided into two groups each of six three, thirty-three series and then in parallel. The battery pack is marked final argument is 11.1V / 4400mAh. 11.1V = 3.7V × 3, with a total capacity of 4400mAh = 2200mAh × 2. Balance of the car may be used dozens of 18650, Ji Chuan few and became a large-capacity battery pack, to calculate it, the engineers have to find them.

(Two and three strings notebook battery)
Raising the voltage in series and parallel increase capacitance. This makes the balance of the car battery relatively high voltage, high capacitance. However, most manufacturers will not put detailed data marked out. Otherwise, you can not ride, the battery voltage and the motor power is generally know this car can go far. Life vacuity on dew trap it! There is a security issue to pay attention to a battery pack so much battery in parallel Fortunately, the series of battery voltage instability as long as there is a match or not. Extremely prone to over-discharge and overcharge, the battery pack has a general circuit protection board to ensure safety. However, there are some problem with the battery, the occurrence of some of the dangers. Such a situation occurred in charging treasure among many since. Worth attention! To know the balance of the car battery, but the charge Po N times ah!
Okay, 18650 temporarily introduced here, next time we come back then to say polymer battery. See you next time!