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Balance domestic car rental market in the end how much

Two-wheel balancing car market in early 2000, and do not match due to product availability and price, so the market has been unable to promote them fast, easy step equilibrium Cart take the high road, most of the orders for the police facilities, sightseeing tour, entertainment and other public service orders, resulting in a balance of the cars are a luxury product and not as public recognition and acceptance.

In China, after a short car market development discovery balance consumers still have to face the terminal, therefore, the domestic balance of two-wheeled vehicles in the product price, appearance, performance, made a great degree of improvement and perfection, so the car balance The price increase, can really become a consumer electronics.

While some large domestic automakers have begun to move the balance of mass consumer electronics patterns to improve the product, but on balance most of the current domestic car companies, is based mainly in investment, the plant is responsible for production, responsible for dealer product sales, for inexperienced businesses, training and preparation they undoubtedly a serious problem.

According to the current balance of two-wheeled vehicles in the domestic marketing ideas point of view, it can be divided into direct sales franchise stores as well as leasing and corporate services, in two rounds when the product is not really in line with public demand, the lease is undoubtedly a large potential market . At present the major companies have also been gradually carried out two balanced car rental services include:

1, individual scenic tourism, golf, vacation rental villa or travel agent

2, trade shows ad

3, corporate events or PR

4, new product marketing

5, commercial or entertainment shows

6, test drive before buying

Two-wheeled vehicle with respect to balancing unicycle expensive, want to play a lot of people who are interested but can not afford, but two rounds to get started is simple, easy to operate, it is possible to stimulate consumption through leasing, compared to walking tours, riding a car in the balance tourist attractions can become a beautiful landscape, loved by children and youth fashion.

According to statistics, the domestic tourist attractions probably over 5000, balance of the car is suitable for short-distance travel the scenic area, children's play, during the holidays, the number of China's tourism will form a large proportion of the growth, in 2013 the total tourism income for the year amounted to 30,000 million people Roth domestic tourism 3.25 billion people. The competition is very intense tourist attractions, attractions, rely solely on the price war has been unable to meet the rapidly growing demand, in order to maintain a diversified and healthy development of the tourist market, the resort will be happy to put more money into the user advertising, improve the quality of services, new services introduction, etc., so the market potential of enormous interest lease.