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Lower carbon vehicles coming era of balance

Balance of the car due to its portability, low carbon environmental characteristics, poke in the modern urban travel pain points, has gradually come into fashion among young people. Although the development of the domestic balance of the car a bit late in the United States and Europe, but in the needs of various industries, such as freego brands such efforts, the era of the car belonging to the smart balance will come.
Although the domestic balance of the car swept slightly later in the United States and Europe, but with the advent of propaganda to today's rapid development, balance the car has been in the country formed a basic circle and stabilize the market, and whether it is now the country's traffic conditions or environmental conditions , it is a great need for such a low-carbon travel portable equipment. In this regard, we freego that China car market will usher in great balance development opportunities, balance the car will not only change the way to travel, as well as people for the idea of ​​life (the official Taobao: https: // ).
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Airports, golf courses and other places of work equipment
In recent years, many domestic airports, golf courses or security personnel have introduced two-wheeled vehicle as the latest equipment work balance means of transport. For the staff of these occasions, the biggest movement in common is the orientation of the work is very large, and can not drive a car, ride a bike is not easy, and the attendance rate in order to make them faster, better efficiency, balance the car has become a The most suitable means of transport equipment. Therefore, freego worked there are many airports, golf courses, and other security agencies.
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Scooter rental tourist area
In addition to the needs of the professional staff in some of the larger resorts in the area, as tourists began to balance the car rental service. Because the balance of the car this way to travel is very low carbon environmental protection and no noise, it can help visitors more easily and effort to play in the sights. Even in Japan Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture opened the world's first pure robotic Hotel Henn na Hotel, also provided to visitors freego balance the car's two-wheeled scooter for fun travel.
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The advent of multi-car stance balance
Recently, in order to solve the difficulty of learning the car balance, comfort, practicality and other issues, in order to balance the car can be further integrated into the general public living area, and not only active in the circle of players, so freego introduce a new product is different from the past balance of the car, re-write the smart chip algorithms, and joined the pressure sensing system, variable control of two four-axis direction drive to achieve a standing, sitting posture Jieke multi-control methods that can be applied to better a variety of travel situations, so that the balance Juji line more convenient.
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For the balance of the car industry, not only a lot of other industries will use the balance of the car, while balancing the dealers in the industry such as freego this brand, also in the efforts to promote and publicize such low carbon smart way to travel, and for the market demand developed to produce more fitting in the public life of travel products.
Believes, era belong to balance the car will be completely coming in the near future ......