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2014 Annual World Wildlife Photographer contest finalists exposure

  • Author:Sherry
  • Release on :2014-08-20

2014 Annual World Wildlife Photographer contest finalists exposure

One visitor who wants to take close pictures, iPhone was stolen by the Japanese rhesus monkey. The monkey seems very curious on the new toy, and even try to turn on the flashlight several times. Needless to say, soaked in water for a long time, this phone can't be used anymore.(1/8)

Photographer Jennifer Jo Stok found this ugly guy in Indonesia.(2/8)

Photographer Juan Carlos Perez in Kenya Masai Mara shooting nap lion, a mouse quietly hidden in the lion's feet.(3/8)

A small lion is stretching, ready to begin hunting action.(4/8)

Heard  colleagues found the rare short-eared owl, photographer Mohammed Khorshed finally snapped their pictures on the tree.(5/8)

Photographer Leela Channer capture the great peacock moth caterpillar in the south of France.(6/8)

Photographer Justin Black capture the scene of 130 kg leopard catching 70 kg weight caiman over the side of the river in Brazil.(7/8)

Photographer Auden ride boats approaching near Svalbard, Norway (Svalbard) Islands capture the photo of lying a relaxed seal on ice floes.(8/8)

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