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Freego 2015 Annual Awards Ceremony

  • Author:Sherry
  • Source:www.freegochina.com
  • Release on:2015-01-04
Freego 2015 Annual Awards Ceremony Concluded

      January 3, 2015, FREEGO Group hosted the second annual meeting in Vienna Hotel, Vividly presided, A variety of programs and enthusiastic guests and audience, making the party full of very Lively atmosphere, Here let me share some pictures captured by the camera:

The CEO Kevin Chu read the list of the Freego shareholder

Yuki, the Director of domestic sales share their sales experiences

2014 China Divine Comedy song "Little Apple" now combined dancing with the Freego two wheel electric balance scooter, it's really new to all of us, right?

Adaptation of the eighth set of broadcasting gymnastics, great!

It is dramas? or elegant and delicious taste or living in it? I don't know how to decribe this special beauty.

The Managing Director Lisa awards for Vicky as the 2014 annual sales champion, congratulations!

The banquet after performances.

      It's not much enough to summary the gain and grew in 2014, we will go with a lifetime memorable experience to cherish the joy and memories bit by bit that Freego two wheel electric balance scooter bring to us.

      we believe that, as long as one mind, joint efforts, fearing neither hardship nor tired, our dreams will come true in the future, Freego's tomorrow will be better and better!