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Freego V1.9 electric kick scooter for your city tour

  • Author:Lily han
  • Release on:2019-08-22
Kick scooters are becoming the rage in big cities and small towns alike. They are popular with kids who love the cool look and the ease of navigating with the handle bars and they are also becoming popular with adults who are tired of traffic jams and the frustration of finding parking in the city. Because kick scooters fold up, they are a portable solution and a better alternative to a bicycle which you can't carry with you.

With expanding cities, commuting has become a challenge. It is here that an electric scooter is of use. Light and compact, they are pretty safe to travel on and help you reach your destination in quick time.

With the advent of technology, standard scooters have given way to electric scooters. It runs on rechargeable batteriesand is usually accepted as environmentally friendly. Also, with petrol not being the fuel but batteries, the overall cost of maintaining an electric scooter becomes easy.

How does an electric scooter work?
The electric scooter works on batteries. These are rechargeable batteries and are either of the lead or the Lithium types. The endurance of these batteries is good enough for you to travel within a range of 10 to 40 miles.

1. The motor of the electric scooter is mounted on the frame.

2. The electricity that is produced in the battery is transmitted back to the motor through a network of wires.
3. Depending on the type and model of the scooter, the motor might either make the front wheel or both the wheels to rotate to push the scooter forward.
4. However, because of the constraints of the motor, electric scooters seldom cross 25 to 30 kmph.

Does the Speed Limit Mean that You Would Not Find it Useful?
While you might feel that the low speed can stop you from traveling long distances, electric scooters are the best way to travel in crowded cities, and to reach your office on time, every day.

You could also use it to travel around your neighborhood or visit your loved ones who live nearby. You would also be contributing to the environment and reducing your carbon footprint.

This speed limit works to your advantage too; transport departments usually do not allow them to drive on highways or on roads, they think are fast getaways. Electric scooters are ideal transport solutions within by lanes and city roads. Their compact and light weight designs help them to get away from traffic congestion.

Can I take it for a long drive?
It depends on what your definition of a long drive is. If it is within a radius of 40 square miles, go for it, but if it’s beyond it, change the transport.

An electric scooter is ideally for those who commute within the city and whose distances between office and work are not much. Electric scooters are not meant for very long drives, as the charge tends to get over after 30 to 40 miles.In addition, you need to have a backup mode of transportation on rainy days as e-scooters aren’t meant to get wet.

Depending on the model you buy, the charging time will vary as well as the distance it may go, but if you’re looking to go hundreds of miles, an electric scooter is not the answer.

Is it feasible to buy an electric scooter?

It is a delight to own an electric scooter. The best part about an electric scooter is it low maintenance and over all life cycle cost. Because it does not run on petrol, it saves a lot of money for you and the family.

Secondly, because of its design, traveling on it is quite comfortable.

Remember, the scooter is cheaper to maintain than a car, so cost wise it is absolutely feasible. Moreover with no noxious fumes coming out, the environment remains clean.