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New option for Sharing electric scooters from Freego!!!

  • Author:Carol
  • Source:Self-made
  • Release on:2019-07-12

Whats the shared E-scooter?

Shared E-scooter is the electric scooter that is used to provide the public with personal and paying transportation.

How to start,what do you need?

Part A:Hardware(Electric scooter Es-08S V3.0 for sharing)

Part B:Software(Server-based Service)

             Part A:Hardware(Electric scooter Es-08S V3.0 for sharing)     




                     Part B:Software(Server-based Service )

How much does it cost?What's the New Option for Sharing ?

Rebranding: USD10,000

Time: 4 weeks (Customize your branded server + backend + Phone APP)

Monthly Fee: USD10/scooter.

For example:
If you have 500 scooters, you need to pay USD5000 per month to our platform. Our engineer team will Manage the platform for you. All you have to do is to operate the rideshare service for your local customers.

Why does it cost too much money to have the server and monthly fee?

Within 2 years, we spent 1 million dollars to develop the software and phone app. Every month we have to pay 10 engineers and server rental cost and google API.

We only charge you USD10 per scooter. You can make USD10-30/day. And one month you can make USD300-900 from one scooter. Our service cost is only 10 USD, which is 1% to 3%.

With our platform, you dont have to spend 6 months for developing your own software. You can take the chance to operate your rideshare service quickly and feed the market needs in just 2 months.

Now the ball is in your hands. Please think about it and act now.

Come and contact me to know more.Thank you!

Carol Fan

Freego High-Tech Co.,Ltd
Email: [email protected]