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The development of scooter sharing

In 1965, the first bicycle with a shared concept was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They called it the "white bicycle" plan. He used ordinary bicycles, a pure government public welfare project, free and no site, and was returned as needed. This move is generally considered to be the origin of the world's first public bicycle system.
In 1995, the first batch of systematic public bicycles appeared in Copenhagen, Denmark. To ensure supervision, this time a stationary pile station was set up and the concept of storage was introduced. The deposit was returned when the bicycle was returned.

    In 1998, the European public bicycle rental industry began adopting information technology, wireless communication and the Internet to realize digital management and operation. This type of bicycle adopts a custom designed vehicle with a fixed picket type station. It is taken from a smart card (registration of personal information is required). The first 30 minutes are free and a small fee will be charged if the time is exceeded.

    According to statistics, by 2015, more than 650 cities around the world have provided various forms of shared bicycle services.
    In 2016, with the rapid development of the mobile internet, OFO-led sharing bikes were born, leading the trend of the sharing economy, and the more affordable dockless shared bikes began to replace stacked public bikes.

    Two years later, in 2018, another new type of transportation appeared on the streets of the United States. He is sharing an electric scooter.
    Lime and Bird took the lead in developing the shared scooter business in the United States and achieved great success. More and more small and medium-sized enterprises are joining this "battlefield", all eager to profit from it.
    The first generation of shared scooters is based on Xiaomi M365. The operation of shared scooters is achieved by adding an IOT device. The admin can see all the scooter information in the background.
    This new business model has also given birth to many shared scooter manufacturers in China, Freego is one of the best manufacturers.

    The first generation shared scooter was adapted from the retail scooter. It can be foldable and all cables stay outside the scooter. The waterproof level is also very bad, very easy to damage. So the life time of the first generation shared scooter is 3 months.
    The operator and the manufacturer both believe this to be a serious problem, so they have made a small update to the scooter - they cancel the foldable function. It is the second generation shared scooter.

But it can't help improve the life time of the scooter. Because they also designed basic on Xiaomi 365, a scooter for personal users.

    So many manufacturers have started designing their own scooter, a better scooter has a longer life with new features.
    Compared to the previous two generations, the third generation scooter has many new designs:
    1. Removable battery
    In the past, the operator always had to collect the scooter from the warehouse to load it and this resulted in a huge loss. Now they can take the extra battery to replace the battery which without power, saves operators many times over.

    2.More stable structure
    Yes, Xiaomi M365 has many advantages, it is a good scooter. But to share the scooter, it's not good enough.
    The serious problem is the inner tube brake, it is very dangerous. On the one hand, if it happened to someone who is riding, it will hurt people, even kill people; on the other hand, the inner tube brake means this scooter is scrapped, it can no longer be used.
    So we use the new tube and structure design, the whole life time of our scooter is about 2 years.

    3. Hidden cables
    The sharing scooter will stay out the door all day and night so it is easy to get damaged, especially the cables.

    4. Larger frame
    Xiaomi M365 is designed for Asian people, so the frame is small for Europe and the United States. They found that the scooter is always too small and too weak due to the weight of the users. It is also the important reason for the high damage rate.
So the pedal of the new scooter is bigger than before and the maximum load has improved to 200 kg.

    However, the whole shared scooter is 8.5 inches, why can't we make it bigger?
    Then came the fourth generation sharing scooter, bigger than before with a 10-inch level and equipped with suspension, to offer the user the best driving feeling. In addition, we also improve the engine power, use the new drum motor, safer and stronger. Of course, the fourth generation has all the advantages of previous generations.

    And now we have fifth generation scooter sharing. This is the best sharing scooter, with many new designs:
    1.Removable top opening battery, easy to change the battery;
    2. New kickstand, more stable;
    3.Bigger battery, have a greater distance;
    4.All connectors are improved, have higher waterproof;
    5.New design for German standard, help our customers do business in Germany.

    Freego is a professional manufacture of electric scooters, we have more than 11 years of experience in product design and scooter,
    Our shared scooters have been exported to more than 30 countries, such as UK, USA, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Dubai, Brazil, South Africa and so on.
    We now have our own sharing platform and sharing app, even if you don't have anything,
    We can also help you start your sharing business early.