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Unbelievable! Freego sharing E-Scooter newest is coming!

  • Author:Wendy Chen
  • Release on:2020-08-12

The world thetransportation revolution was coming.Freego electric scooter technology is very mature.New sharing concept,enjoy unique style.Be a Smart traverler,make your life healthier.

Scan the code,free to go.Take me to your soul,enjoy the life show.

No waste,low carbon and hug green.

Advantages of oursharing scooters.

1.The wheel is 10 inchs tires.

2.Safer--hand brake.

3.Stronger--strong tube,V-stryle neck,max load 200KG.

4.Anti Thief--scan code to lock,GPS locates scooters.

5.Avoid Destroying--cable hidden inside.

6.Anti-Suspension--tubeless tire/shock absorber.

7.High Water Proof Rate--can run in water.

8.Removable battery upside board.

9.Germany Version--with two hand brakes.

10.Full Share Ride Business Service--including customized Shared E-scooter.

How to start your own scooter sharing business?
1. Get permission or licence from your local authorities so that you carn set up a team to start the business.
2. Get to know the rules from your transportation dept so that we can customize scooters accordingly.

3. How many people needed to run this business?
-1 guy in stree take care scooters:battery changes,parking.
-1 progranmer in front of laptop to check the user app. the back-end system. Track scooter status and coo-dinate the guy in the street.
- techncia to repai and test scooters before put them on streets.

4. Test your Software by getting one sample scooter from Freego.
Software Solutions
-A. To use Freego APP and Platform for small trial fleet.
-B. To buy Freego API (communication protocol, source code) for fleet over 200pc.
-C. To buy full set software from Joyride or other software company for fleet over 1000рс.

5. Timeline to start the business in September.
-Buyer makes sample order to test APP and back-end platform, takes weeks.
-Buyer places official order for factory to start production and customization, takes 5 weeks.
-Factory ships scooters by sea, takes 5 weeks.
-Buyer get new scooters to check everything before launching, takes 1 week.

The whole process takes about 5 weeks, about 4 mothis It's good time to start sample
order right now!

Pls feel free to contact us if there is any question,expecting your inquiry!