Freego High-Tech Corporation Limited

Police version and Golf models of Freego think car hot incoming!

With the continuous development of scooter, more and more people use this self-balancing electric vehicle to walk, travel and go shopping in domestic and overseas. Also because of this new scooter does not yet apply to all people in all situations, so we often receive customer’s asking:

1. Do you have that scooter applied for security guard or police patrol?
2. Do you have that scooter could be used on the Golf course?

Yes we do! We have!

In order to meet the demand of more customers groups, through continuous efforts of our R & D department, the new applied to security guard or police patrol Freego electric scooter has been completed.

What are you hesitating for? Drive them to go home now, the person who open the market firstly will occupy the market.

Golf models


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