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Shared E-scooters

With increased focus on bringing smart and intelligent ways to manage human travel through a city in the face of increasing congestion and traffic ways, new concepts always bring a fresh lease of life. E-Scooter sharing is gaining ground in the present times, as it not only provides convenient way to reach from one destination to another quickly, but it is also eco-friendly and an ideal way to solve the problem of those who want a self-managed drive without spending on a new vehicle.

Shared E-Scooters – Future of Smart, Green and Cost-Effective City Transit
In an effort to bring convenient travel that takes you door-to-door without spending much and in an eco-friendly way, Freego is continuously working on powering flexible shared e-scooter service. The shared e-scooters manufacturer in China provides multiple options in scooters and bikes with complete ease to the users.

For full expediency and added safety, the e-scooters are equipped with GPS tracker and operate through a QR code with a phone app. Sharing of e-scooters is easy. You just need to open the app on your smartphone, select the scooter or bike and locate the nearest one to pick and go after scanning the QR code to unlock the vehicle. Once you reach your destination, park the scooter or bike conveniently, locking it to bike rack on the sidewalk. You can pay conveniently through the app.

Want to start riding a shared e-scooter? Download the app now or consult us to know more!

Shared E-scooters

8.5-inch Electric Sharing Scooter GPS Tracker QR Code with Phone APP

  • Battery Motor:350W, 36V, 13AH
  • Mileage:40km per full charge
  • Max climbing angle: 20 degree
  • Product N.W/ G.W: 14/16kg
  • Scooter size (Unfolded): 105.4*43.6*115cm
  • Max speed:  24km/h default as EU required. Max Speed 40km/h.
  • Packing size:114.5 x 20 x 54 cm
  • Material: Aluminium electric scooter
  • Brake: Electronic brake, disc brake
  • Light: Headlight, Brake Tail
  • GPS Tracker: optional
  • Phone APP: optional
  • Wheel & Tire: 8.5-inch Solid Rubber Tire

8.5”Bird Lime shared scooter and hidden line GPRS tracker intelligent application control

  • Battery motor: 350W, 36V, 13AH
  • Mileage: 40 kilometers per full charge
  • Maximum climbing angle: 20 degrees
  • Product N.W / G.W: 14 / 16kg
  • Scooter size (unfolded): 105.4 * 43.6 * 115cm
  • Maximum speed: The default is 24km / h, in line with EU requirements. The maximum speed is 40km / h.
  • Packing size: 114.5 x 20 x 54 cm
  • Material: aluminum electric scooter
  • Brake: electronic brake, disc brake
  • Light: headlights, brake tail
  • GPS Tracker: Optional
  • Mobile APP: optional
  • Tire: 8.5 inch solid rubber


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