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Electric Hoverboard

Since arriving on the scene a few years ago, hoverboards has caught the attention of each and every one who has seen it at least once. Types of skateboards that come in funky design and colors have become a hit amongst the millennials.

Battery Operated Hoverboards – Changing the Face of Personal Transportation

As a prominent manufacturer and supplier of electric vehicles across the globe, based in China, Freego provides a comprehensive line of battery powered hoverboards that are manufactured based on latest in technology and offers high-end performance with smooth and convenient transportation around the town and limited off-road terrains as well.

We are a leading hoverboard manufacturer in china and offer a complete range of hoverboards, which are durable, designer, energy-efficient and smart in manoeuvring, inbuilt intuitive technology for ease of movement and changing directions. Our assortment of 2-wheeled electric hoverboards includes different options for the users, specific to meet varied requirements of the buyer.

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Electric Hoverboard

W3 10″ electric scooters self balanced free scooter

  • Net Weight: 13kg
  • Dimension: 65*27*27cm
  • Max cruise speed 10km/h
  • Max load 120kg
  • Max.Mileage 15-20km
  • Max climbing capability 15 degree
  • Min turning radius 0
  • Charging time 2~4h
  • Battery Lithium Battery 36V, 4.4Ah DC
  • Motor Power 2 x 350W Taiwan-made Quality Brushless DC Motor
  • Voltage 100v-240v
  • Lifetime of battery More than 5 years. Rechargeable 1000 times

6.5″ wheel led lights chrome color battery removable hoverboard W1S model

  • 6.5″ wheel led lights chrome color battery removable hoverboard  W1SR model
  • Net weight: 10 kg
  • Working temperature: 10°—50°
  • Max Cruise speed: 10 km/h
  • Max load: 100 kg
  • Max mileage: 10 km
  • Max climbing angle: 20°
  • Min turning radius: 0°
  • Power: 500W—800W
  • Charging time: 1–2hour
  • Range per charge: 20—30km
  • Charging Requirements: 100-240V50\60hz
  • Motor power: 350w*2
  • Dimension: 584*186*178
  • Pedal Height: 110mm
  • Tyre size: 6.5″


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