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Other spare parts & Accessories

When you are enjoying riding your electric scooter you want to gain maximum from its usage and have it run for longer and extended period. This can be efficiently managed getting the right accessories for your electric scooter that helps you enhance the way you use your electric ride with utmost safety, precision and control.

Continuous use of electric scooters is going to cause wearing and tearing of the components and parts of the scooters. And to keep your scooter working fine and best for a long term you must replace the faulty and old part with only genuine spare parts. Freego is a foremost company based in China that, apart from electric scooter and bike development, is also engaged in electric scooters spare parts and accessories manufacturing.

Electric Scooter Spare Parts & Accessories – Keep Your Scooter & Bike Working Fine and Longer

We are a quality manufacturer in the domain, developing genuine spare products that are identical to the original in performance and functioning and are available at cost-effective prices. We provide complete range of spare parts and accessories, including batteries, chargers, anti-theft alarm, lock chain and more with complete guidance on usage and replacement procedure and instructions.

Check the wide range of spare parts and accessories – Order now for your electric scooter!

Other spare parts & Accessories

Freego electric scooter anti-theft alarm lock with password

  • Model Number:PW-L2
  • 3 x AAA size alkaline batteries operation
  • * Battery life: more than 12 months
  • * Cable specification: length 80cm (40cm/120cm) / diameter:10mm
  • * Cable(Chain)specification: length 80cm
  • * Working temperature: -10℃~+60℃
  • * Storage temperature: -20℃~+80℃
  • * Size: 92X55X34mm
  • * Product weight: 230g(cable) /720g(chain)


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