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Freego 2020 New design electric kick scooter for sharing fleet rentalFreego 2020 New design electric kick scooter for sharing fleet rentalFreego 2020 New design electric kick scooter for sharing fleet rentalFreego 2020 New design electric kick scooter for sharing fleet rental

Freego 2020 New design electric kick scooter for sharing fleet rental

  • Model Number: ES-08S V4.6
  • Max. Speed 25/h(15.5mph)
  • Max Range 40km~60km per full charge
  • Battery Capacity:15AH (ZN Brand cells)
  • Option 2: 36V, 19.2AH
  • Motor Power 36V 500W Rear Drive
  • Power 36V 500W Rear Drive
  • Brake Rear wheel E-ABS, rear wheel drum brake
  • Max Load 200kg
  • IP Rating IP56 for entire scooter
  • Front  Built-in LED light
  • Tale Light Always on red light, brighter during brake
  • Material Aluminum alloy Rim with Rubber tire
  • Rear wheel
  • Size 10 inch
  • Type Motor wheel with Solid tire
  • Brake E-ABS and Drum brake
  • Material Aluminum alloy Rim with Rubber tire
2020 new design electric kick scooter for sharing fleet rental 


Introduction to Freego

Freego High-Tech Corporation Limited is an innovative high-tech company
Combine R&D, Electric Kick Scooters manufacturing, sales and service
Since 2008, collapsible portable electric bicycles and self-balancing scooters (Segway, Hover boards).

Ø China National High-tech Enterprise
Ø EU registered business
Ø The world leader in last mile power-assisted transportation
Ø The top three industries in China
Ø South China's largest manufacturer and exporter of electric scooters
Ø Designed in Italy, assembled in China
Ø Passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system
Ø On-site control via TUB, SGS, UL and Alibaba
Ø 9 years verified Alibaba supplier

Durability and reliability
The best scooters are made of tough aluminum and steel.
All parts, motors, batteries, controllers, and brakes must have good quality and cute construction.
Make sure the scooter is working all day and seven days a week.

Configuration and performance
The range of riding and the feeling of the rider are the two most important points.
We recommend configuring 36V, 350W, 15Ah, and 10 inch tires.
The weight supports 100 to 120KGS and can reach a range of at least 50km.
LED indicator, Bluetooth speaker, anti-theft GPS tracker, sensor, alarm, QR code, etc.

Freego sharing models have been successfully operated in many counties in Europe and America .

Freego Shareware Solutions and Pricing

Questions and answers:

Q1. Can I purchase samples for testing? 

You can purchase samples for testing, it does not have a real on-road user sharing app but a engineer bluetooth tool APK.

this APK youcan downloadanduse on your phone,to scan and unlock scooter to ride and test.

This bluetooth tool is for engineer to change server info.

Q2. What do we need if we want to launch electric sharing/lease business? 

If you want to share/lease, there are some requirements. 

A: You need to consult the local government to get permission.
The permit allows your motorcycle to drive on the road and agrees that you can carry out this rental business. 

B. You need to setup or join a sharing system including backend sharing administraion, server management, and User app.

  if you have nothing software on hand ,we have the full software soluiton with out scooter for you .

C. You need to find an investor to make this business come true. 

D. You also need to hire workers, such as 2 engineers, administration centers, and managers who can help.

Q4. How do I charge my E-scooter for sharing? Who will charge? 

This model is battery swappable easily . you can check on your sharing backend system which scooter is no power or low.  To find it with GPS and 

replace the battery with fully charged one . so you have to buy some more spare battery pack. the spare battery pack can be charged separeately with charger , no need to charge battery on scooter.  This is a very easy and quick charging and swapping design.

That's why why our scooter is different from other models. 

Q5. How to protect the scooter from being stolen?

We have a GPS tracking system, and each scooter has a built-in GPS tracking device.
This is powered by a separate battery inside the scooter.After the scooter is lost, the tracking platform can display its position and you can retrieve it.

Contact Us

Jack Ren

Sales Supervisor 

Mobile / WhatsApp / WeChat: +86 13510595632
Email:   [email protected]
Website: www.FreeGoChina.com

Freego | Freego High-tech Corporation Limited

Tel:+86 135 1059 5632

Contact Person:Jack ren

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