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Freego All terrain Self Balancing Scooter 72V Powerful Electric Motor X3

  • Model NO.:X3
  • Voltage of Battery:72V
  • Motor:Brushless
  • Battery Type:Lithium ion  Battery
  • Power:2000W
  • Running Distance:30-35km
  • Charging Time:2-5h
  • Max Speed:20km/H
  • Motor Power:1000W*2
  • Battery Capacity 72V , 8.8ah


1. Drift OFF-Road Wide Tire 

2. Powerful 72V 2000W Motor 

3. Own Patent and Fashion design 

4. Can be customized 

5. One Year Warranty 

6. Competitive price 

7. Professional international sales&aftersales team

1. Product Descriptions of Electric Scooter Green product (Electric, healthy) No pollution and zero consumption CE & RoHS &FCC certification FreeGo F2 comes from lead acid battery, and it is convenient to charge by using power supply for household. You can enjoy driving about 30-35km at the speed of 10km/h-20km/h after charging, without any emission or any destruction to the environment. FreeGo F2 has an extremely low cost_0.03/km per person, 20 times less than the cost of a car with displacement 1.2L, which is 0.63/km per person. It also saves more energy than electric vehicles because the mass of F2 is only about 18.5kg whereas the weight of a traditional electric vehicle is more than 1 ton, which leads to more energy consumption due to its dead weight. Circular energy reserving system is another sparkle of F2. By utilizing the control module of gravity, F2 can brake and stop by judging the center of gravity rather than configuring a traditional brake system based on friction. And as a result, during the process of deceleration, kinetic energy converts to electric energy being stored in the battery without losing any heat energy due to friction. In a word, there is no energy waste. FreeGo F2 is an ideal and advanced travel tool in an extremely crowded city because of its small size, reliable security and unique driving technology. The innovation of its structure design is based on the principle that "A little body often harbors a great soul". With the fast development of modern metropolis, F2 is now being accepted as a superb solution for individual traveling. 2. Product Applications of Electric Scooter For Individual For Busines For Patrolling For Tourism For Robotics 3. More Electirc Scooters for you to choose · Can yoube more productive ad use less energy? · Can you cover more ground and create fewer emissions? · Can you get more done and take up less space? · Can you have more fun and do less harm? Answering "Yes" to every one of those questions! Freego is passionately committed to innovation and the future of mobility to move you easily, efficiently, intelligently, simply. Any furthers questions are sincerely welcomed! 4. Fast delivery Various payment option, including L/C, T/T, WU   5. Certifications CE, RoHS, FCC approved Applications:Leasing ,Tour ,Patrol
    1. Police,security personnel patrol
    1. Personal travel,amusement and short-distance travel
    1. Renting in tourist attractions,parks and amusements playgrounds
    1. Intelligent robot moving platform
    1. Industrial park,factory,greenhouse personal transport
    1. Commercial applications,riding FreeGo to do promotion for your product
    1. Car partner,put into the car black box as a scooter
    1. Air port,stadiums,indoor venues,big warehouses,major shopping centers
  1. Exhibitions buyers travel
Specifications: Green product (Electric, healthy) No pollution and zero consumption CE & ROHS &FCC certification
Specification Net Weight 50 kg
Dimension 52*83*122cm
Max cruise speed 20km/h
Max load 120 kg
Max. Mileage (after full charging) 30-35 km
Max climb capability 30 degree
Min turning radius 0
Charging time 2h-5h
Battery PB,72V,8.8Ah
Power brush DC Motor
Voltage 100 v-240 v
Motor Power 2000 watts (2*1000w/pc)
Lifetime of battery 1-3 years
Tire 19*7-8 Tubeless Offroad Tire
Wheel diameter 48CM
Pedal Size 340*430*125mm
Standard Pressure 250 kpa
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