型号:SM-14 轮椅电动转换套件

  • 毛重净重:15 公斤/10 公斤
  • 速度档位
  • 低速5公里/小时
  • 中速:10 公里/小时
  • 最大时速:15 公里/小时
  • 里程:20-25km
  • 电机功率:250W 无刷轮毂电机
  • 电池容量: 锂离子 36V 6.6W,
  • 充电时间: 2 小时
  • 最大爬坡角度: 15-20degree
  • 轮胎:14 “充气轮胎
  • 刹车轮胎: 前盘制动器
  • 用于残疾人的手动轮椅改装电动



Model:SM-14 轮椅电动转换套件的特点

1. 厚铝合金框架
2. 电力驱动 



二 Model:SM-14  轮椅电动转换套件规格

1. 毛重净重:15 公斤/10 公斤
2.最小速度 5公里/小时
中速:10 公里/小时
最大时速:15 公里/小时
4.电机类型: 无刷轮毂电机
5.电池容量: 锂离子 36V 6.6Ah.
6.充电时间: 2 小时
7.最大爬坡角度: 15-20度
8.轮胎:14 “充气轮胎
9.刹车: 前盘制动器

Specification of Freego

1.G.W./ N.W: 15kg/10kg
2.Low speed 5 km/h
Middle speed: 10km/h
Max Speed: 15km/h
3.Range per charge:20-25km
4.Motor Power: Brushless hub motor
5.Battery Capacity:  Lithium-ion 36V 7.8Ah,
6.Charging period: 2 hours
7.Max Climbing angle: 15-20degree
8.Tire: 14″ pneumatic tire
9.Brake tire: front disk brake
10.Used on manual wheelchair for senior ,disabilities.


SM-14 套件x 1
110-240V 交流电源适配器 (充电器) x 1个 

用户说明书 X 1 



Incoterm: EXW   shipping method optional


1. For order gross weight  within 100kg we recommend shipped by   Express, it takes 3-5 d       days for  high efficiency with shipping . 

2. For order gross weight over 100kg but under 300kg,  shipping by air  is recommended  for  fast 5-7 days and high efficiency.


3. Order gross weight over 300kg  shipping by  sea is recommended for low freight cost but 20~ 30 days on sea.


Our Services

1. Customer request or customized specification is acceptable
2. 100% test and inspection before packing.
3. Fully charged with scooter before delivery
4. Any inquiry about scooter is welcomed.  Prompt response.
5. Fast delivery and shipping status tracking.

sample order for test is acceptable.
we can supply OEM services since we are manufacturer.

First-class after-sales service

1. 12 hours /day 6 days /week on-line service
2. Professional technician and engineers service
3. Free instructions of driving or riding
4. Spare parts and components support
5. Replacement or repair if it is under warranty.

Warranty Details

Freego High-tech Corporation Limited is a high-tech company with combination of research and development, manufacturing, domestic and international marketing.

Freego  do and only do self balance electric scooter . There are  19″ on-road big wheel segway scooter , 21″ off-road big wheel model and 10″ smallest segway scooter with handle and 6.5″, 8″ and 10″ mini smart self balancing scooter.

1. Warranty Period:
The limited warranty of the scooter is effective for 24 months and takes effect as of the date received. The warranty includes online technical support for 24 months.

2.Warranty Coverage:
The warranty covers the following parts only:
-Motherboards/PCB (24months)
-Motors (12 months or 18,000km )
-Lithium Battery (12 months)
Lead Battery (6 months)
-Chargers: 12 months

3.Void Warranty:

I.Electrical damage caused by improper use of the battery such as using an unapproved charger, long time left uncharged, or plugging the power cable in the
wrong way is not covered. Please charge battery responsibly and regularly(at least one time per month).
II.Water damage caused by improper use in snow, wet or flooded conditions is not covered. Our products are rain resistant, not waterproof. Please use with care.
III.Damage caused by accidents, disasters, or improper use such as racing or jumping is not covered.
IV.Damage caused by not following the User’s Manual or not following proper maintenance procedures is not covered


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