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Navigate the future of off-road two-wheeled self balancing electric scooter F3 (red)

  • Model: F3
  • Charging time: 8 hours – 10h
  • Maximum power: 2000 watts (1000 watts * 2 / piece)
  • Wheels: 12 inches / 26 cm (alloy wheels)
  • Dimensions: 48 * 60 * 88 cm
  • Voltage: 100 V-240 V
  • Maximum cruising speed: 18 km / h
  • Maximum load: 130 kg
  • Net Weight: 56kg

Quick Details

1. Weight: 56 kg 2. Size: 48 * 60 * 88 cm 3. The maximum cruising speed: 18 km / h 4. Maximum load: 120 kg 5. Maximum mileage (after full charge): 25-30 km 6. Maximum climbing ability: 15 degrees 7. The minimum turning radius: 0 8. Charging time: 2 hours ~ 5 hours 9. Battery: lead-acid batteries, 36V, 42AH 10. Power: Brush DC motor 11. Voltage: 100 V-240 V 12. Maximum power: 2000 W (2 * 1000w / pc)
Competitive Advantage:   1. Great Demand 2. Vacuum tire 3. Product Trends 4. fewer competitors 5. essential car 6. The steering shaft, easy to control 7. China most like Segway scooter manufacturer 8. Low price motherboard repair: millionth 9. scooter super power 36V lead-acid batteries, only we do 10. The most important remaining functional, practical to make it stable quality and low price  

zero emissions

F3 navigate the future of all power it comes from lead-acid batteries, and can easily be charged using household power. After charging, you can enjoy driving at 10km / h-18km speed / h and about 30-35 km, no emissions or pollution.






Green products (appliances, health)

 Pollution-free, zero consumption

 CE & ROHS and FCC certified


specification net weight 56 kg
size 48 * 60 * 88 cm
Maximum cruise speed 20 km / h
Maximum load 120 kg
Maximum mileage (after full charge) 30-35 km
Maximum gradeability 30 degrees
Minimum turning radius 0
Charging time 2H-5H
battery Lead-acid, 36V, 42AH
power Brushed DC motors
Voltage 100 V-240 V
Motor Power 2000 watts (2 * 1000w / pc)
Battery life 1–3 years
Tire 19 * 7-8 vacuum off-road tires
Wheel diameter 48CM
Pedal Dimensions 160 * 340 * 125 mm
Standard pressure 100 kPa






















In order to maintain long-term business relationship, we wrote the following precautions to avoid any dispute. Please see our trading strategy is as follows:


payment method:

T / T (USD or RMB) and Western Union. 100% advance payment before shipment.




Sample hair DHL (2- 5 days depending on the country)

For more than 50 kg, we recommend air or DHL. The road takes 3-8 days.

Over 300KGS, we recommend ocean.

NOTE: Buyer pays all shipping and insurance costs. When the buyer received the goods, if any part of the

Lose,hePacking list must be checked and photographed as evidenced by the delivery person. As a seller, we are only responsible for the delivery to the ship. But if the buyer has a valid proof, we

The shipping company will help buyers claim for lost items.


F3 navigate the future because of its small size, reliable security and unique idea driving skills become advanced means of transport in the crowded cities. Its innovative design structure is based on the principle of “small body, big soul”. With the rapid development of modern city, F3 is now accepted as the Individual Visit an excellent solution.

Applications: leasing, tourism, patrol

1. Police, security guards patrol
2. Individual tourism, entertainment and excursions
3. In the tourist attractions, parks and recreation playground lease
4. Intelligent Mobile Robot Platform
5. industrial parks, factories, greenhouses personal transport
6. commercial applications, navigate Segway riding promote your products
7. automobile partner, put into a car trunk as scooter
8. airports, stadiums, indoor arenas, large warehouses, shopping malls
9. Travel Show Buyer

high efficiency

Energy storage utilization cycle when F3 is another highlight. F3 can determine the center of gravity of gravity of the brake control module and stop, rather than the conventional friction brake based systems. As a result, the deceleration process, the kinetic energy into electrical energy stored in the battery without losing any heat generated due to friction. In short, no energy is wasted

low energy consumption

F3 navigate the future low power consumption of about 0.03 per vehicle per kilometer, compared with 1.2 liters displacement vehicles per kilometer of 0.63 to 20 times lower. This energy than the electric vehicle, because the weight of mass of only about 18.5 kg of F3 and a conventional electric vehicle is one ton or more, so that its own weight causes more energy consumption.


2. Return Policy (under warranty):


Month 1 – 2 months: Buyer pays shipping to China, we pay the return freight (from China to the buyer’s address). Back when maintenance products, we usually use China Post airmail. If the buyer want faster, we can ship by DHL, but the buyer must pay an additional fee.

Chapter 3 – 12 months: Buyer from the freight.

Note: No refund, unless we send wrong products.

12-month warranty period, we do not charge the cost of repairs. After the warranty period, we only charge a small labor costs.


3. Import duties and other charges notice


Buyer pays all the expenses, including import taxes and fees.

As exporters, we have to assume our local costs, such as commercial checking, customs

And file charges. Therefore, it is to pay his fees with local buyers as import duties are equal.


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