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energy transport vehicles should be implemented
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China as the world's most populous country, with the rapid population growth in recent years, and now the world's demand for motor vehicles ranked highest in 2014 on the Chinese auto sales hit a more than 2300 vehicle production and sales of 23.49 million staggering figure, an increase of 7.26% and 6.86%. This figure hit a record high, but also to China reelection car sales in the first world.
Stakeholders expect China's auto sales in 2015 will reach a speed increase of over 8%, annual vehicle sales will inevitably break through 25,130,000. This is a very alarming figure.
That is to say, in China, there are many vehicle demand in the automotive industry for China's macroeconomic adjustment under the current priority is to improve efficiency, and gradually adapt to the new normal is currently the automotive market, the GDP growth rate Stable lifting car share, as the car enters a stable market share, the steady growth of the same level of the car.
For the car market, China's environmental problems and road traffic problems, the urgent need for a new means of transport, as early segway appeared doomed when it would be in the future a new means of transport, in relying on the basis of the driving power Pure energy and environmental design allows the use of aviation this attitude and fuzzy algorithms and ultra-intelligent gyroscope principle become a new means of transport to travel alternatives.
Automotive consumer demand as a rigid objective existence, but it is time to convert the travel mode, can no longer be at the expense of energy consumption, green travel is the largest demand-oriented policy environment will promote the use of new energy vehicles and popularization of production restriction measures and parking fees and other initiatives will increase the automotive market caused by the "adverse effects" to a certain extent, and thus indirectly on the new energy vehicles brought another piece of spring.