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Shenzhen people began to buy low inventory balance Garage

Recently, Amazon shelves balance the car in the event of cross-border export electricity supplier industry set off a tidal wave, but also lead to balance China's car exports outbreak Earthquake. However, some people are in crisis in the smell of hidden opportunities.

Yesterday, Shenzhen broke the news to Hugo net sellers in the Amazon shelves balance after the announcement of the car, the car seller instantly appeared balanced risk large inventory, so many sellers painful, but there are some shrewd businessman took aim at the start opportunity, active in the balance between car companies, hoping to buy cheap stocks.

Balanced car sellers or generate a lot of inventory

Hugo network learned to balance the car is hot the whole market in a short time this year, many sellers start to get involved in the product.

Hugo net to the seller in Shenzhen Mr. Chen said, after balancing the car frequently in foreign markets, "scandal", resulting in a chain reaction, and theAmazonShelves balance the car, resulting in the increase in risk category sellers inventory. "Today is just exporting electricity supplier season, many companies have already prepared a lot of stock, hope in this season was a good rushing performance, so it has a lot of production before stocking. However, in the Amazon shelves when the car balance announcement, Some sellers still have a lot of goods on the FBA warehouse, some sellers of goods might be on its way to FBA warehouse, as well as the seller is prepared a lot of goods remain in the country among its own warehouse, to prepare the FBA. "Chen said.

However, Amazon's a piece of paper, "decree", like a bolt from the blue, so balanced car sellers were all dumbfounded: these both in the FBA barn, or in the cargo compartment outside, and now can not sell it? Even Amazon recovery listing, foreign consumers have changed "fear", and sales are naturally deteriorated.

Balanced car market is undergoing a thorough cleansing

Mr. Chen to Hugo network, said this way, balance the car sellers in the future it is possible to produce large amounts of stock, while some companies are still marketable instantly excited, active in some balance between car sellers, hoping to buy cheap into the stock.

Chen told Hugo network, said: "At first I was very optimistic about theBalanced carThe novelty fun and profit is not low, but since there is a fire and explosion in succession after the event occurs, the company from the beginning of October to stop the sale. While most sellers are trading conscience, many factories also have certification, but Paul allowed some want to make quick money without people who know how to market blending them. "

Taking into account the market risk is relatively large, Chen decided to withdraw from the final product, but what happens now, he is sigh.

But there are some sellers thoughts with Chen just the opposite.

"Stockpiles abroad is actually a very troublesome thing. Amazon is not restoration listing, there is no way to sell the product, even if your product quality clearance, certificate complete warehousing needs costs, returns repatriation costs more expensive, the original head Cheng shipments The cost would need a lot of products out just enough to arrive, but now into a more awkward position. Thus, there are some did not run refunds of sellers started buying the product. "he said.

In addition, do 3C electronic products Shenzhen Mr. Wu also told Hugo net sellers for the balance of the car market, he also observed a long period of time, the delay is determined not to enter, but overwhelmed by the action after the Amazon actually has aroused his interest. "Ultimately demand balance car is still there, but now scandal-ridden, but this time the market after cleaning, if in the future such as the right of patent and business process clear, appropriate, and it would have an opportunity."