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United States CPSC standard, to balance the car industry has much of a chance

Event results
  On February 18, 2016, the United States consumer product safety Association (CPSC) announced that the balance of all the production, import, sales in the United States (twist) must conform to the latest UL2272 balance circuit system certification standard, all balanced car batteries UN38.3 certification requirements must be met. Products which do not meet the above standards will be detained during the import process, domestic sales of the product will require a recall.
  Meanwhile, the United States by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL for short) announced that with effect from February 3, accept the balance of mechanical and electrical system design, structural assessment, test and UL certification application. UL officials said did not have any of the twist brand or the product with the latest UL certification, which means that the current United States markets all sold and balanced cars for sale are not qualified, but these products mainly from China.
  Enterprise balance, suggested how to deal with?
  1. recent best foreign trade companies, sales companies do not receive from the United States orders. If third-party sales platform of foreign trade, for the United States market balanced products (especially the twist), the best off the shelf for the time being to suspend sales. Because the United States CPSC announcement, hidden meaning so that we don't buy, bought and quickly find a way back! Gives consumers the most authoritative and most compelling return reason.
  2. overseas warehouse has the goods of merchants not in United States sales, proposed to suspend temporarily sales, to think of other way to digest inventories, continued in the United States selling risky. If you are ready to ship to the United States, it is recommended not to.
  3. balance production facility recently suggested temporarily lowering productivity, reduce inventory levels.
  4. orders in other countries, it is best to keep policy developments, could other countries would soon follow United States standards.
  This incident, why do you say this is a chance for the industry?
  1. If the Amazon event is the climax of the industry reshuffle, the CPSC is end of the industry reshuffle. United States Government does not kill twist or a car, in fact, they don't have the capacity, demand is market-determined, there is demand, there will be business. Publish the latest certification standards, are true to the balance in the international position, an access code. Twist, undeniable is that product 1.0 era has ended.
  2. the United States release of the standard, also gave some time ago by Guangdong quality supervision Bureau has led the development of the balance of the car industry-standard guidelines for an authoritative reference.
  3. on export transportation has been balanced product before pain points, authoritative standards, will help to balance the car after export of transport.
  4. the introduction of certification standards, giving producers a very high barriers to entry, this will also want to make quick money regardless of the quality of small mill thoroughly cleaned out.
  5. the standards, all told will regulate, market demands for balancing the car will not go away, and there will be more new balance into the market. Balancing the car industry will enter the 2.0 era, prospects will be worth the wait.
  6. twist for this dark horse products, brands really wanted to do it in the long run will be a big opportunity. Why do you say that?
  UL's official statement on the market currently does not have a twist (balance) tests, refers to the new standard, there is no any meet the safety requirements. So maybe past twist car throughout the design and construction flaws, can not meet the certification requirements.
  Yingke law firm Liyuan Wang says:
  This is to give businesses a chance to patent strategy:
  1). understanding the content of this certification, through the improvement of the product, to meet certification standards; 2). the products which meet the standards might often use new techniques, you can patent on this new technology.
  3). but this is part of the structural transformation of the patent would also fall into the current patent rights within the scope of protection of the patent owner. But a product can have multiple patents, companies have patents on their hands, you can safeguard their rights and interests, or cross license, which means that, in the event of patent disputes with negotiation and exchange of chips, and not before, one or two dominant.
  Now we know the Guangdong quality supervision Bureau began with UL China company, UL2272 details of the standard, accreditation standards for balance is expected to enterprise services will commence soon.