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Freego Scooter On American Newspaper REVIEW

  • Автор:Winnie
  • Отпустите на:2014-05-14
We are very proud of that Freego scooter was published on American newspaper REVIEW.The article can give a best discription of our products: 

“Freego is one of his new favorite toys.” 

“They are more fun than anything I've never driven .”

"On the battery powered Freego which can go up to 21 miles on a single charge." 

"Herbert said that there are endless options for the Freego.Besides being a fun way to cruise around town.He said it is a great option to motor around campgrounds,recreation trails,running errands, and for people who have a long drive way to pick mail." 

"Some people even use an attachment on Freego for carrying clubs on the golf course. "

"The Freego has been good for Hebert' s marriage because he gets more of a chance to get out with his wife.They talk and joy ride around town."