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Electric car balance in the field of intelligent travel is how to position?

1, the electric car the natural balance bombings, questioning cheap Chinese-made electric car balance quality problems internationally. Please status quo from the electric car market equilibrium (ODM cottage prevalent) to analyze why the balance of domestic electric cars will appear spontaneous combustion explosion? Million electric cars spontaneous combustion balance, seems to have the lowest prices possible spontaneous combustion, what you think of this phenomenon.
Investment Advisor in Senior Fellow Li Yuheng: quality of domestic electric vehicles there are certain problems, as long as the market is highly competitive, the manufacturers of the price war to gain market share at the same time, to protect profits, use of inferior or poor quality of the battery, leading to Spontaneous explosion. For High Low all cases of spontaneous combustion can occur, partly because of the intense market competition, businesses to seek more benefits did not ensure product quality; the other hand, local government regulation, lack of a unified product standards.
2, Great Britain, Australia also prohibits balanced car on the road. Why is there such a ban? Electric car balance in the field of intelligent travel is what position? What will be the impact on the development of electric vehicles after the ban appear balanced?
Investment Advisor in Senior Fellow Li Yuheng: mainly electric balance spontaneous combustion car accident when the explosion occurred, would the surrounding crowd, causing great harm to the environment. Smart electric car travel in the balance in the mainstream trend, after the ban appears, will be a serious blow to manufacturers of electric car production balance of enthusiasm for continued development, production and manufacturers will improve production technology, ensure product safety, with the narrow scope of the market, producers will face again reshuffle winning inferior.
3, the electric car spontaneous combustion explosion is suspected of balance with the battery. Please balanced combination of electric car market situation, the safety performance of lithium batteries for electric vehicles Spontaneous balance cause of the explosion from the battery's point of view? More than the balance of electric vehicles are appearing spontaneous combustion evening explosion. what reason?
Investment Advisor in Senior Fellow Li Yuheng: balance electric car market is booming, many large battery manufacturers has not been fully involved in, and a small lithium battery production manufacturers seize the opportunity of production, large-scale intervention, but a small battery manufacturer's safety sexual battery It can not be fully guaranteed, so the balance of electric cars will appear spontaneous combustion explosion. In addition, the sale of electric cars balanced side to seek more profits, with small production of low-quality batteries and management system, also contributed to yet another reason for the balance of electric car explosion. Electric balance car explosion occurred at night mainly because balance of electric vehicles at night will be charged, and the charging time is too long will cause the charger fever, plus battery quality problems, resulting in an explosion.
4, motor vehicle aftermarket balance problems. Will the sale status of the electric vehicle industry balance? Please analysis from the company, industry, industry standards and other aspects of electric vehicle aftermarket puzzle balance reasons and problems throughout the entire aftermarket industry and the reasons intelligent hardware.
Investment Advisor in Senior Fellow Li Yuheng: balance electric vehicles lack of uniform industry standards, many small manufacturers are free to buy low-quality, low-end parts to be assembled, then "OEM" selling such products there is a big security risk. In addition, the lack of electric road vehicles right balance, balance in many areas prohibit electric vehicles on the road, mainly worried about traffic safety issues. Aftermarket difficult balancing electric vehicle industry, mainly the lack of uniform industry standards, industry market brand-name brands too. Intelligent hardware industry sales are more difficult, mainly corporate Depot Repair intelligent hardware costs higher.